How to Copy Files to HTC One Using TWRP Mount and ADB!

One of the pitfalls of HTC One not having an extra microSD card slot is that if you make the mistake of formatting your whole internal storage or perhaps just did something wrong with no system on it, you will end up with a beautiful, shiny brick.

This also works on ANY Android device such as Galaxy Note 3, Note 2, Galaxy S4, Galaxy S3, Galaxy S2, HTC One X, and any Android device with TWRP recovery.

Well, this is pretty easy to solve if you have a OTG USB cable and USB flash drive as TWRP let’s you install files using OTG USB cable and USB flash drive.  But for some of you this may not be an option or you may have to wait couple days to order the OTG cable from Amazon.

There is a way to “push”(or copy) files to your phone using the TWRP mount function and adb.

Ok, here’s how to do it:

Boot TWRP, then select “Mount”, then select only “Data” and connect your HTC One to your computer.

Then download and unzip, you probably will find a new directory called fastboot under your Downloads directory.

Copy the ROM you want to install to the fastboot folder.

Open a command prompt then type:

cd Downloads\fastboot
adb push /sdcard/.

Replace with the ROM filename you copied earlier to fastboot folder.

This will copy your ROM to the internal storage so once it’s done, just use TWRP to install ROM.

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77 thoughts on “How to Copy Files to HTC One Using TWRP Mount and ADB!

  1. DNP

    Hey. So what exactly do I need to enter into Terminal for MAC? Im confused as cd Downloads shouldnt it be backslash / or \? Also do I then press enter after fast boot?

    Please help! I would greatly appreciate it! Thanks.

  2. kapeesh

    THIS IS EXACTLY WHAT I NEED TO DO BUT… I cant select data after selecting mount. only cache and system can be checked? help? THANK YOU FOR YOUR TIME

  3. PYKme.

    Hey! I messed up with HTC one and i Soft – bricked the device. I have tried the adb sideload. It failed.
    SDcard Mount failed. I unfortunately corrupted the inbuilt SD card? ( Thats what i think so). I ordered an OTG cable. Would that solve my problem? Please help! Thank You!!

  4. Ben

    TWRP won’t let me mount data, only cache and system are checkable. Please help, I finally got my rom zip onto my sd card by adb push but when I tried to flash it said couldn’t mount storage.

    1. Ben

      I too have also ordered an USB OTG cable but I don’t think it will work unless if TWRP lets me mount it in recovery. Any help is appreciated, thank you.

    2. Ben

      After flashing a rom zip from my sd card in TWRP, it says cannot mount data and cannot mount internal storage. Is there a way to mount these manually via ADB or the ADB shell command?

  5. szabby


    Once again, thanks for the great tutorial.

    I accidentally wiped all my data including my OS using TWRP wipe, didnt realise it would wipe everything, searched the net for solutions but none worked until I tried your method.

    Now my phone is unbricked and working again.

    Thank you so much.

  6. mijnie

    THANK YOU!!!
    Bro! You really saved me lots of time. I accidently removed the OS on my Nexus 7. Luckily I installed TWRP(much thanx maker!). With the howto above I restored my device with a nice custom rom. Me happy 🙂

  7. Kim

    Why wont you help people ?
    Some ppl tell you, that they cant “moung data” ? Help them ?
    I have same problem. You guys are so quick just to post tutorials and videos, but you never help, when ppl have problems with your tutorials 🙁
    Next time I hear about im gonna ignore it.

  8. basheer

    please help, I accidentally wiped all my data including my OS using TWRP wipe, my htc one stuck in ‘quitly brilliant scree’, i can enter bootloader and twrp, i done above said , file copied got this m daemon not running. starting it now on port 5037 *
    daemon started successfully *
    950 KB/s (1310151690 bytes in 656.086s)essage, but i cant see on twrp install

  9. Allony (see link above) and extract it on your desktop.
    2. download
    3 put in the fastboot folder.
    4 rename to
    5 in the fastboot folder keep shift pressed and at the same time click with the right mouse click on an empty space in the fasboot folder.
    5 now you can see the option open CMD here or somethink similair (in my case its in dutch)
    6 now make sure youre in recovery and mount and only data is selected just as described above and that your phone is connected,

    7. typ in the cdm which apears in step 5

    adb push /sdcard/.

    then hit enter and wait for 10 minutes untill it says finished or something like that i forgot. if it doesnt say any think just wait!!


    1. plsteen

      Good instruction mate, but I am doin exactly as you explain, but I keep getting “error: device not found” in commander… Any tips?

        1. Norge

          Windows found driver software for your device but encountered an error while attempting to install it.
          Android Bootloader Interface

          Note: My Vendor ID and PID:

    2. namal

      i tried to push zip file using says error device not found..i installed htc sync manager and unlocked boot-loader finally bricked my phone… whats the wrong? someone got an idea??

  10. Donell

    Thanks so much.. Guys just follow the instructions. If your at this point no os, data wiped on your phone, you knew what you were doing when you F’d up. Take a breather. relax your fingers and follow the instructions. Open that fastboot folder hold shift and right click. chose the command option, then follow the instructions. be patient. youll know if something is wrong because your cmd prompts will tell you immediately.

  11. Karlo

    well. i messed it up real bad, as you all did
    i tried everything, exactly following instructions step by step
    i manage to push the file on data mounted device
    i can see it on my phone
    but when i flash, same thing happens, mounts fail, and it says with big red letters Failed !
    not sure what else to try, is there any way to manually push the whole ROM ?
    like folder by folder, or at least the system one ?

  12. Aaron

    Hi there!! HELP PLEASE!!!

    I only have one problem…. when i use this comands /adb-mac push /sdcard/ in “terminal”…. says: command not found…

    I pretty sure it very easy the fix it but i dont know how…. ill aprecciate it!!

    thxs u guys!

  13. plsteen

    Good instruction mate, but I am doin exactly as you explain, but I keep getting “error: device not found” in commander… Any tip?

  14. plsteen

    Hi Karlo! I managed to delete all files on my phone in TWRP, included my ROM. When i start up the bootloader, this is what it says:
    *** TAMPERED ***
    *** UNLOCKED ***
    eMMC-boot 2048MB
    Aug 9 2013, 16:15:36.0

    When I start up recovery i can mount data, but my computer cant “find” it… And then I cant transfer files in a comander or a terminal window.

    1. Karlo

      but first make sure, you followed this guide step by step
      it describes how to manually push your ROM on the phone
      without seeing any data on your PC , using fastboot !
      if that doesnt work, if you cant install your new ROM,
      then try new recovery, possibly the one i used, cus its obviously working

  15. Allony

    Guys if u have any android emulator like bluestacks or any other get rid of it first!!! Because it will cause problems during.this proces

  16. drewbuk

    For anyone still experiencing problems trying this method, I too was having the following errors:

    * Device not found
    * adb server is out of date. killing…

    I removed ‘HTC Sync’ from my Mac using App Zapper and tried again and it worked after a couple of extra attempts. Try ‘Mount’ in ‘Recovery’, worked for me once I’d removed HTC Sync. Back up and running, thank you now just need to find the right ROM!


  17. Karlo

    i think they can push the rom, but they cant install cus nothing is working on the phone
    i managed to fix mine using One S ALL in One Kit
    what i did was, installed new recovery with that tool, s3 or s4 depending on the model
    so its twrp s3 for me
    and then i could mount everything and my phone started acting normal
    i could mount data and install rom without problems
    im not sure if that fixed my problem, but my phone works now
    the new recovery fixed the mounting issue while installing ROM

  18. Joshua

    It says “Daemon Started Successfully” and then nothing else happens. I have been at this for a while, any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

  19. Juan Pablo Villaseca C.

    ADB was throwing me a Device not found error, after an endless boot loop, so I couldn’t transfer ROM files to TWRP.
    What I did was to download the Android USB Driver from here,
    And then I extracted the files.
    On my computer/Device Manager the HTC One device appeared with an interrogation sign, and only said “One”.
    Right click, properties, details, Hardware ID.
    There it says the Vendor ID, and the PID. Write those down.

    The android USB driver didn’t work from scratch, so I edited the android_winusb.inf file that was part of the driver installation. I added this:
    Under this section:

    Add these lines:

    ;HTC One
    %SingleBootLoaderInterface% = USB_Install, USB\VID_18D1&PID_D001
    %CompositeAdbInterface% = USB_Install, USB\VID_18D1&PID_D001&MI_01
    %CompositeAdbInterface% = USB_Install, USB\VID_18D1&PID_D001&MI_01

    (but replace the VID and the PID on those 3 lines with the ones from the device manager

    And then, add this:
    Under this section:


    Add these lines:

    ;HTC One
    %SingleBootLoaderInterface% = USB_Install, USB\VID_18D1&PID_D001
    %CompositeAdbInterface% = USB_Install, USB\VID_18D1&PID_D001&MI_01
    %CompositeAdbInterface% = USB_Install, USB\VID_18D1&PID_D001&MI_01

    (but again replace the VID and the PID from the ones on Device Manager).

    Save the INF file.

    Then, in Device Manager, right click the “One” device and update the controller, choosing as folder the folder with the edited drivers (the INF file you just edited).

    The drivers will install after a while.

    After that, ADB will detect your device as present, and you will be able to follow the steps specified on this page, such as ADB PUSH /sddevice/

    I hope this helps someone, because after installing the Google Play Edition rom I just couldn’t exit the endless reboot loop, and I couldn’t transfer another ROM to the SD card.

    1. Flo

      I also wiped accidentaly my htc one memory, and I followed this post to copy ROM to my internal memory in order to install new ROM, and it work great for me. thank you!

    2. miguel davis

      Helllo i followed your tutorial and now my phone is connecting but there is another issue every time i try and copy the rom to the sd card the command prompt only shows me a list of commands plz help if there is a fix for this

    3. jerin

      dear Juan,,,,
      thank you very much for the solution,, u did a great job. i got stuck in the bootloop nw i get rid of that one,,

    4. Mike.m

      Thanks so much, you saved my ass. Been searching for days and everyone had the same old answer, uninstall/reinstall driver, try new cable, mount, etc. Your’s was the only one that worked. But what I also had to do what completely wipe/factory set THROUGH TRWP first. Then used adb sideload instead, transferered using adb sideload, after that went to install, selected my, and horray no more sd mount error.

    5. Felipe Correa

      Dear Juan Pablo,

      Im having this same problem with the device not found so i followed yur instructions, changed the inf file (although I didnt have to change the VID nad PID names because the ones you put as an example are the ones my device showeed, a Nexus 5. then I tried updating the controller and it said Windows found driver software for your device but encountered an error while attempting to install it: Android Bootloader Interface.
      The hash for this file is not present in the specified catalog file.The file is likely corrupt or the victim of tampering.

      Do you know what this means and what I have to do???

  20. Tanveer

    we must check if phone is lock or unlock , rooted or not rooted , s-on or s-off and need to find exact rom for phone, problem is where u can find exact room…. i delete all through Recovery and phone stuck on htc logo, but i am able to lock and re lock temporary and install recovery in my phone and also i can manage to transfer file in my phone by adb but when i install my rom its said not found md5 and end show successful but still nothing ….
    some one here now before we do this step what we need s-on or s-off / lock or re lock temporary , where to find exact rom like i have vodafone uk and why error show after transfer file to phone and run rom and error show md5 not found ????
    any help ???

  21. tanveer

    After few Hrs work finally I manage to install ROM by this method on my htc one ‘ in recover go to wipe , format data, its show warning just do it then come back , in mount u see data click on it then fallow the procedure mentioned above and its work on HTC one unlock rooted temporary s-on on bootloader HTC one. Just make sure u choose right ROM …. Best of luck…

    1. reeson

      what was the problem or error you were getting that made you wipe all your data to be able to get a good result?

  22. reeson

    hej guys! so i have no os on my htc one m7ul. i have followed are read all the instructions above. seams simple but i have run into a problem when trying to push the that it stats
    `cannot stat ``: no such file or directory`
    not sure what i am doing wrong have looked at some relevant youtube clips and cant see what i am doing wrong. my phone is rooted and has superuser running using TWRP and i have put it into mount and selected data only…
    can someone point out my silly mistake or is there some thing else i need to do?

    1. reeson

      so i had a few back ups and roms on my phone but none would work… i had a cyanogen rom but needed to use clockworkmod as a recovery to load it… so i managed to change my recovery form TWRP to Clockworkmod and then load on the CM11 mod. this video i used as a guide… still not a fix to the problem faced above but a work around for me. atleast now i can access my phone from my computer and can flash again!!!

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  24. Louis

    Whoa. This SAVED my bricked phone.
    I’m in high school and I don’t know much about Android.
    Three cheers for the author!

  25. Toe

    If you plug in an OTG cable and USB drive or just an OTG USB drive, you can go to TWRP, mount OTG USB, then go to Advanced and File Mnager in TWRP, and copy and paste anything to anywhere. Works great.

  26. Nikhil

    Your guide was very useful so far.

    I have another question though. I used ADB sideloader to push two factory images to my Nexus 5. I pushed the new lollipop image first and then the old kitkat image.
    But when I try to install the rom using TWRP v2.7.1.1 it says that the MD5 file is not found for either of the images.

    I’m trying really hard to unbrick my phone. Please help!

    Thank you in advance!

    1. Nikhil

      Never mind, I got it up and running now 🙂 This guide did help a bit. Although I had to refer many other forums as well. It was an interesting journey 😛 Good luck guys 🙂

  27. cruz

    ok i rooted my phone and got s off with no problems but when i tried to download a custom rom from xda my phone got stuck in bootloop i can get into twrp in recovery. so i followed all the steps i am able to push the rom to my phone but in twrp i cannot install it and i cant figure out why.

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  30. Frost

    Pls Help! i am getting this….THE SYSTEM CANNOT FIND THE PATH SPECIFIED!! after entering the command “cd Downloads\fastboot”

  31. isra


    only use exactly

    cd Downloads
    cd fastboot

    ./adb-mac push /sdcard/
    remember rename your rom for


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