Official Android 4.3 Stock ROM + Root for HTC One! [AT&T/T-Mobile/Unlocked/International]

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HTC released Android 4.3 couple days ago to HTC One users with an unlocked or international version of HTC One.  Now, you can grab the Android 4.3 ROM + Root for all AT&T, T-Mobile, Unlocked, and International HTC One.

For AT&T/T-Mobile users, this may be a better deal than carrier-branded Android 4.3 you will get later and also not have to wait so darn long for it as it’s here for you already.

Well, if you are not rooted, you can easily just take the OTA(over-the-air) update to get the latest Android 4.3.  For those of you rooted, you can easily install the latest official Android 4.3 with root by installing the Android 4.3 ROM and SuperSU zip file.  That’s it!

With latest Android 4.3, you will get all of Android 4.3 new features like OpenGL 3.0 support (for faster gaming/graphics performance) and also GoogleNow can be now accessed by holding down Home button or swiping up from it.

If you are rooted and you need to get the latest official Android 4.3 with root, try it out this week(end) and do let me know what you think!


Download Official Android 4.3 ROM

Download SuperSU

To install, reboot into recovery, make a backup ROM, do a factory reset (optional), install ROM, install SuperSU, and reboot.

Credits – XDA <— Please donate to the developer or hit Thanks button on XDA if you like this, thx!

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You will need a rooted HTC One to install all ROM/kernels.

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59 thoughts on “Official Android 4.3 Stock ROM + Root for HTC One! [AT&T/T-Mobile/Unlocked/International]

  1. Morten

    Hi Max!

    I have already rooted and installed 4.3 on my HTC One, but a couple a weeks ago I got an OTA from Google, with their latest update 4.3. I installed it, and it runs like a charm, no problems whatsoever. Only thing SU does not work anymore, and the phone is not rooted. How is that possible, really don´t understand, can you explain???

    Regards from Oslo, Norway


    1. Savio

      When you “root” a device, you are essentially changing the way permissions act during access for “System level” file paths. In addition, any applications that may require this access trigger a notification or ‘token’ from the Super User app, which then in turn, asks you (the user) if you would like to allow access to these files from a particular program.

      A great comparison would be when you install an application on a Windows PC ( XP or above), if the installation will modify or manipulate any part of the Operating Systems (OS) main file area (usually drive C: and/or registry), a notification pops up and provides a similar inquiry.

      That being said, when you upgrade from a Custom Rom to any Stock Rom, you will loos your root access (permissions) as it replaces your custom modifications to factory ones. You must perform the process to gain root access all over again in order to “ROOT” your phone.

  2. Emmanuel Obiajuru Okolo

    Hello, thanks for the tutorial on Unlocking my Sprint HTC One.
    Is working fine as a GSM. However I cannot find Portable Hot Spot on the device when I Goto: Settings & More. Please can you help out?

    1. Abbas Bootwala

      I am facing tue same problem…

      Also there is no option for data roaming…

      Have you found any solution??

      Please help buddy

    2. Abbas Bootwala

      I am facing the same problem…

      Also there is no option for data roaming…

      Have you found any solution??

      Please help buddy

  3. Prince

    after i update to this rom….my phone keep on restarting and saying some process stopped and restarts 🙁
    what should i do now?

  4. David

    As a noob to rooting and roms, what would be the benefit to this rom over the cyanogenmod 10.2 rom? They are both Android 4.3 correct? Is there some feature in this “official” one that makes it better or does CM10.2 have any additional features? Just curious what the benefits of each one are. Thanks for any advice/opinions.

  5. Maulik

    Hi Max,

    I have unlocked HTC One and I have rooted my phone.
    And I have received official update. But I am not able to install it.
    It keeps on getting my phone into recovery mode.

    Can you tell me how can I get the latest update on my HTC One…
    Do I have to flash this .zip file….??

    waiting for your reply….

    1. Vincent

      I am getting the same problem. Rooted and Unlocked HTC One, I downloaded the OTA update and when I select “Install Now”, I reboots to Recovery and I can’t update.

      Would this custom ROM work for HTC One in Canada on Rogers network?


          1. Vincent

            It worked and everything looks good for now. Copied the downloaded ROM to the root of my phone, restarted in recovery and installed. I did not wipe my device. All settings, apps and data are intact.

            Only thing so far that does not work is the tap and hold “Home” to get the menu.


  6. Lawrence

    I have tried numerous times now to flash this ROM using the latest TWRP recovery. Keeps saying failed. I have downloaded the ROM zip package direct to the phone as well as copied over from my Mac Pro. Every time I try to install it just says failed in red.

    I am using a unlocked and rooted HTC one, which was done using your video instructions.

    I am using your How To Install A Custom ROM video to install this.

    Any ideas?

  7. Prince

    i installed this rom successfully ….
    the proper way is – go to recovery the way you go …and then do a reset or factory reset in TWRP where the format or advanced format is…dont click on any..just swipe the default option and then install this rom and then install updated supersu that is v1.65 and you are good to go!!

  8. Prince

    if not do a soft wife from TWRP , things might get faulty as i got 🙁 nearly bricked my phone….it was restarting and restarting and when into menu….saying this process or that process has stopped…bla bla
    and then got into recovery somehow and managed to wipe the device and then installed and then supersu v1.65

    Now everything is working fine!!!

  9. ccasa

    So I installed the zip file from the HTC One as you said but I didnt get the same version that you did, I got a paranoid android version for some reason. Now it is stuck in this version even though I downloaded the latest version of Supersu already on my phone from before. Any ideas on what went wrong? I’m using HTC One on Rogers Network in Canada.

  10. Reece Werenka

    Just wanted to say thanks for this root option because I have a bell HTC ONE Phone and I rooted it using Sakitek’s video on youtube. When the OTA for 4.3 came out I couldnt update obviously. I searched everywhere for a option and I thought I would have unroot my phone back to stock mod and stock recovery. I got these files and booted into clock work recovery … installed both .. cleared cache partition and delvik cache just in case .. rebooted optimized apps and good to go .. everything works and didnt lose anything. I did make a back up before doing this as well

  11. Jay Mai

    I haven’t tried this ROM yet but it seems like I don’t want to go back after installed the ViperOne ROM. But one thing that bothers me that the texting keyboard goes down after each message. Is there any way you can fix that?

  12. Sven

    Thanks, this worked fine on a rooted UK m7_ul (on H3G network). Rebooted to TWRP recovery, installed the ROM, cleared cache partition and delvik cache, rebooted, waited for the the apps to optimize, then (because I had forgotten) rebooted to recovery again to install SuperSU. No need to wipe device, all settings and apps remained in tact.

  13. Emmanuel

    Hello, can anyone help me?
    I have a Sprint HTC One, installed SuperSu successful but Stock Rom won’t insall. Has anyone done this on Sprint?

  14. Tony Berry

    Hey Max, only one question i would like to ask, does blink feed still work after this rom is installed?

    The reason i ask is because as you were ending the video with info about how to install the rom, i kept seeing you play with the screen but never go far left to blinkfeed, and i did some research and i found in 4.3 you can turn it on or off.

    Just a little querious & confused… LOL – If you could clarify that would be great.

    BTW: keep up the great work. Would love to meet you one day.

    Tony Berry
    MacMedia Studios

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    1. Prince

      bro this one is exclusive for htc one stock rom 4.3 and the 4.3 jelly bean rom is not stock .
      this one is modified by htc one to best fit 4.3 android in their hardware.

      you should better update to htc one 4.3 stock rom if you got htc one 🙂

  16. szabby

    I successfully updated my rooted HTC One to 4.3 using this guide.

    However I notice that its HTC Sense 5.0, not 5.5?

    How do I update to Sense 5.5? as I read the camera has been updated with a Dual Capture option in Sense 5.5.

    Your site is very helpful, I was apprehensible about updating and kept putting it off, but the well explained tutorials gave me the confidence to update.

    1. Adrian

      Go to settings >about >software info > more > tap continuously on baseband version or build number until it says you are a developer

  17. StefOn WefOn

    please answer my question

    so i installed a custom firmware. . and my phone keeps booting up in bootloader mode. i cant access anything. except fast boot. .. anyhelp ??

  18. Prince

    I am getting message as has stopped unexpectedly
    what should i do to stop this error message??

  19. Mike

    Does it work on sprint. Thank you.

    Just been waiting for the ota to come out for sprint to do it here instead of unrooting the doing the ota then rooting again.

    Somebody please reply about sprint thank you again.

  20. Mike

    Does it work on sprint. Thank you.

    Just been waiting for the ota to come out for sprint to do it here instead of unrooting the doing the ota then rooting again.

    Somebody please reply about sprint thank you again. ..

  21. HS

    I rooted, unlocked bootloader, S-ON and installed the android 4.2.2 sense 5 on my htc one (non-google edition), but now i want to restore my 4.3 sense 5.5 stock rom. If i just unroot with having the 4.2.2 custom rom on, will the device automatically restore to the stock rom?

    Additional information:
    hboot 1.55
    HTC One International

  22. brian

    will this work on my htc one s s3

    hi I have the htc one s the s3 please let me know your latest rom I am on 4.1.2 paranoid android 2.99

  23. John

    hello Dear Admin
    could you upload another “update su zip” because the link doesn’t work.
    i couldn’t download it.
    if it is possible upload it on upload centers like mediafire rodfile dropbox or etc… .

  24. Cira Klotzbach

    Thank you, I’ve just beeen ooking for information approximately thi
    topic for a long time annd yours is the greatest I have came upon sso
    far. But, wht about the bottom line? Are you
    suyre in regards to the supply?

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