Android 4.4 KitKat Sense 5.5 Stock ROM for HTC One!

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HTC has pushed out official Android 4.4 KitKat Sense 5.5 update to unlocked and international versions of HTC One couple days ago.  For AT&T and T-Mobile users, if you are not rooted, you will probably have to wait another month or two.

But for those of you rooted, you can simply grab the stock version in a zip file format and flash with the latest version of TWRP recovery v2.6.3.3.  Yes, you can install this on any GSM HTC One including AT&T, T-Mobile, unlocked, and international.

This is probably also the preferred method for rooted users as you will not lose your custom recovery nor have to re-root your HTC One through’s painstinking(yes I made that up) unlock process.

This is 100% stock version, just made into a zip format you can flash using TWRP recovery.  Do not use CWM recovery as it’s not compatible.

Not much has changed as far as UI goes since Android 4.3 but Android 4.4 upgrade brings you lots of under-the-hood performance improvements and you should also be able to get much better battery life.

Overall, I am very satisfied HTC was really quick about updating their Sense to Android 4.4 KitKat as many other companies like Samsung are still working on that.  So, if you are into Sense and want the latest Android 4.4 KitKat, grab the zip file and do let me know what you think!


Download Android 4.4 KitKat Sense 5.5 Stock ROM (odexed) for HTC OneMirror

Download SuperSU

To install this ROM, you NEED TO USE TWRP Recovery or higher!!!  You can use Goo Manager App on Play Store to update.  If for some reason you cannot update using Goo Manager, you can grab the image file over here and install using fastboot manually like you did when rooting your phone.  The command is “fastboot flash recovery recovery.img” and replace recovery.img with the actual image file name.

To install ROM, reboot into recovery, make backup ROM, wipe data/factory reset (unless coming from stock Sense ROMs), install ROM, install SuperSU, and reboot!

Credits – XDA <— Please donate to the developer of this ROM or hit Thanks button on XDA if you like it, thx!


Download Flash Player APK (if you want flash player use with Dolphin browser)

DownloadAndroid 4.3 PhotoSphere (if you want photosphere, but may force close so make a backup of your Gallery app using Titanium Backup app before installing!  )

If you want to run your apps in tablet/hybrid/custom DPI mode, see our Xposed App Settings guide.

If you want PIE Controls, see our LMT Pie Control guide.

If you want some awesome audio, check out Viper4Audio FX MOD, which you can install on this ROM to enhance your music 100%.

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152 thoughts on “Android 4.4 KitKat Sense 5.5 Stock ROM for HTC One!

      1. Leonard

        Hello, please i installed it on my sprint HTC one and now my phone is bricked and restarts every 30 seconds. please what can I do to restore my phone back? please.

  1. Maulik rawal

    Hey max,

    I am stuck at fastboot mode while installing this….
    my phone is bricked I guess. Please help me to solve this…

    1. Antony Fuentes

      You shouldn’t even be on the bootloader unless you are flashing the latest TWRP recovery either because you didn’t have TWRP or had a version earlier than Hold down the power button for approximately 10 seconds to power of the phone. Reboot into bootloader. Go to fastboot and flash the recovery through the command prompt on your PC. After that, boot into recovery and flash the ROM zip through the recovery. Make sure you wipe Dalvik and Cache, If you previously had another Sense based ROM, you shouldn’t need to wipe but I’d still recommend it. It doesn’t hurt, and there’s a chance that it will save you from another headache in the future

  2. Ken

    Max, Can i Flash this with S-off? I am running KitKat 4.4 GPE from previous post. Will S-Off create any issues? Thanks!

    1. Ken

      Tried flashing and getting an unknown error. Double checked TWRP is Am I correct in assuming that S-off could be the issue?

    2. Ken

      Ok, thought I’d post a solution since I forgot to initially. I found that I simply got a bad download. I looked at my file and it was only 700mb, file should be over 1GB, I think 1.1GB or something. ANYWAYS, Rom is running great for me now! Love having the new features. Thanks, MAX!!!!

      1. Justin

        No you don’t need to flash anything. Notice if you have one bar LTE and then call someone you bars go up. They separated Data and Voice. So you are seeing you data when connected to data and then when you turn off data or make a call it changes. So it seems like you have less bars. Download Speedtest you will see your data is fast like it should be.

    1. Dt9208

      I had the same problem when I initially flashed this rom, all you need to do to fix it is go into TWRP and perform a basic wipe, then reflash the phone and it should work fine.

    1. Justin

      Go into settings (Under “Wireless & Networks”)
      —-> More…
      —-> Mobile Networks
      —-> Network Mode
      —-> LTE

      You should be all set, you might need a reboot as well.

      1. josh

        hi i check my carrier if i have a 4g and i only have 3g on my mobilicity. my last 4.3 is a have a t mobile every time i boot. everything seems to be working find except for the wifi hotspot if i turn it on my wifi is not working properly then. can you help me with this thank you

  3. amir jelodari

    hi i install this rom everything it’s ok but i cannot connect to wifi !!!
    it’s founding wifi but it’s not doing anything
    i have try to re install the rom
    iv’e restarted my modem
    iv’e wipe my phone twice O_o
    i just can’t connect to wifi , is there any solution ??

    1. Soroush

      I’ve same problem on my htc one
      there is lot of htc one have wifi and bluetooth issue
      somebody said it will be fixed by flash it to custom rom.

  4. Muhammad Jawad

    I installed the ROM flawlessly on the day it was posted. And it is damn stable.

    What u must need is…

    An S-Off
    Correct TWRP version… No CWM
    Data wipe / factory reset from TWRP interface
    Cache / Dalvik wipe from TWRP interface

  5. Maulik rawal

    This OS is great. Awesome battery life.
    But only problem is that, I’m not able to get sms notifications.
    I don’t know why. I even did the master reset and not I’m not in a possition to reinstall the OS.

    Anyways, who cares….!!!
    Thanks Max.

    1. Justin

      Yeah I must say after the 4.2.1 Update the battery life SUCKED. With GPE it’s amazing. One downside I used CWM for the bootloader unlock… I don’t have to option to turn beats audio on or off.

  6. Timothy

    I’m stuck at the bootloader screen too. Or is it supposed to take really long? It’s been like that for 10 minutes already. I used TWRP Help!

  7. steven

    Sorry if this is too noobish, I’m really new to android. I have rooted at&t htc one, unlocked bootloader, TWRP, but s-on. I honestly regret rooting because I want to update my phone but cannot figure out how. I’m still running 4.1 and it sucks. Can I flash this rom if s-on? And can I do it via my mac or do I need to use pc? Please help 🙁

    1. Prince

      you can flash this rom with S-ON
      i have flashed the same rom with S-ON
      and i think instructions on how to flash or root via mac is given in this best tutorial

  8. Hoerlyck

    After root a international HTC ONE I loaded this ROM using TWRP – worked nice 🙂
    But the phone has a battery drain like never before. Looks as if it never “goes til sleep” 🙁
    And in the battery consumptiongraphic Wifi seems to be on always – but it is not

    What to do ?

  9. szabby


    I notice you have completely removed the reference that the phone must be S-OFF to update to this ROM.

    It took me 2 weeks of frustration to finally get S-OFF.

    Does this mean dont need S-OFF anymore? I recall you said we needed it to update the radios?

    Anyways, my phone is finally S-OFF. Is this ok?

  10. szabby

    Instructions say:

    To install ROM, reboot into recovery, make backup ROM, wipe data/factory reset (unless coming from stock Sense ROMs), install ROM, install SuperSU, and reboot!

    So after the step – make backup ROM,
    do we need to transfer this backup to our PC?

    or will installing the ROM preserve all app and app data?

    Also if my phone is currently running Stock sense 5.0 and 4.3 (updated from 4.1.2 using a tutorial on this site), so I need to wipe data/factory reset?

    Any help would be appreciated.

    Thank you

  11. szabby

    Successfully updated from Stock 4.3 Sense 5 rooted to this ROM.

    At first I did not wipe data (as I wanted to keep my appas and app data) which caused pop up error issues, so I went and did a factory reset in TWRP and it resolved the problem.

    Then used Titanium Backup to Restore my apps.

    Everything seems to be working.

    S-Off before the update, not sure if that is significant or not.

  12. M

    I updated yesterday and had the same experience as Szabby. Didn’t do a wipe, ended up with debilitating pop error issues, so I did a complete wipe, and installed the ROM again. My HTC backup didn’t work perfectly, but I didn’t lose anything important. ROM is working well. It allowed me to turn off Blinkfeed which made my entire day.

    Does anyone know if OTA updates will work with this ROM?

  13. leodut

    Everything works just great and runs flawlessly however when I try connect to to wifi it says connecting… then it doesn’t connect and just says under the the wifi name, “saved”. Any else have this problem or a possible solution? Thanks!

  14. Jay

    I have just installed kitkat 4.4 with sense 5.5 rom onto my HTC One and now I am continuously getting an error saying “ has stopped working”. I get this with pretty much anything that I do, accessing the camera or installing apps from the play store. Making my phone pretty much almost unusable as when I click to ignore the message, 9 times out of 10, it will close the app down im trying to use. I would really like to try to fix this issue rather than dropping back to the 4.3 I had installed previously. I installed this ROM with S-On and using the latest TWRP

    Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

    1. Jay

      I am also receiving a Mybreeze error when I first switch on my HTCOne saying that it has unexpectedly stopped.
      I have just reinstalled superSU as it appears I didn’t do this after installing the ROM, (hoping it would fix my original problem) and that was a very bad mistake, as now it is constantly trying to update this and each time it tries, I get the original “ has stopped working” error and then it automatically restarts the update. Because this is continuously happening and I am unable to stop it without switching off my Wifi, this is draining my battery extremely quickly.

      Urgent reply needed PLEASE!!!!!!

      1. Jay

        After reading through all the posts here, I saw that “szaby” had the same problem as me, you have to do a factory reset and wipe or it will cause you problems. Have done this now and everything is working fine….

        Thank you szaby :o)

    2. Mehmet

      Ditto… HTC Sense keeps crashing with the same error message…

      Tried disabling all running instances of HTC Sense without any luck…

  15. Eric

    how to receive daily updates from the server and install it? the automatic updates downloaded the files but when it tried to install it boot to recovery and i dont know where to find the updates file to update the the rom. I wanted to be rooted but also have option to get daily updates from the server without having to reinstall everything everytime i upgrade to different firmwares.

  16. Quan

    After I upgrade to Google one edition HTC one Rom I decide to flash this new Rom and for some reason I can’t access my 4G Lte data network anymore. I only able to use 3g and H. so how to fix this problem to get my 4G back?

  17. Robin

    Since installing this I can no longer get mobile data. Always says disconnected. Anyone else having this issue. Like this Rom, but might have to back to another one.

  18. Akashah

    I got it working perfectly on the first flash. There’s a new update over OTA 4.06.1540.3 will updating this over OTA cause any harm?

    1. Martin Rios

      I couldn’t get the update. I mean, I received it but it’s useless cause It can’t be installed/flashed. It says something about the compatibility of the firmware of my device. I have the proper baseband, S-Off, SuperCID, Unlocked bootloader nd the previous OS (4.06.1540.2)
      Any advice???

  19. Carlos Rodriguez

    I need help,I want my HTC One on stock recovery again, but I just can’t get it done, I’ve tried to follow windows tutorials but it’s not the same. I want the OTA updates on this ROM that I’ve just installed. Please I need your help.

    1. Carlos Rodriguez

      Already done. I can install OTA updates. No problems so far, excellent. I just don’t know how tu pop-out the Android version animation on this device. I’ve taped it repeatedly but it doesn’t work, is there a special way?

    1. Kagazzle

      From my understanding, it will not work. Verizon and Sprint use the CDMA standard while AT&T and T-Mobile use GSM standard.

    1. Martin Rios

      There’s a conflict between the MID of your device and the firmware of the OTA, it will be impossible to install new updates as long as your phone still keeps the original CID & MID.

      You gotta change that. I was able to do it but the risk of turning your phone into a paperweight is very high. Check the tutorial on the XDA page to chance your CID, the MID so you can install the RUU for the DEVELOPER EDITION/International Version of the One. That’s the only way you’ll get official updates.

  20. szabby


    I just noticed i cannot connected to wifi besides my home wifi.

    I didnt realise until now that after entering password at friends house. It says saved and when i press connect. Nothing happens. Jus continues to say saved but mot connected. This alsp happened at another friends house other week but i figured it was that house.

    But i could connect to my sisters wifi last week.

    Im thinking it “might” be that i can only connect to wifi networks i already had saved before the update? But then again when i installed this ROM i did a factory reset in TWRP.

    I read above a few ppl are experiencing the same problems but have not read a solution.

    Any help would be appreciatedm. Anyone who has experienced the same issue and founda solution?

  21. L'Aurel Dascal

    I am s-on and I have TWRP but every time i try flashing it says failed. This has happened about 3 times with other ROMs also. PLEASE HELP!!!

        1. L'Aurel Dascal

          Well my HTC is at&t and I am using the stock sense 5 4.3 jellybean. When I try to flash it says aborted or failed and this happened with severel other roms that did not require s off. If t helps my hboot is 1.55.

        2. wim

          You need to use firewater. If you read the instructions when firewater tells you you are s-off
          Very simple, but you need to know what you are doing

  22. Andrew Grill

    I have noticed one thing and I would love some feedback as well from other T-Mobile users. I flashed the rom successfully and used a file editor to change the sku ID to 11 for T-Mobile. Speeds are great, full bars etc. Now I can only send MMS to T-Mobile users. Other carriers do not receive my picture messages. Can anyone else confirm this? I think this is happening across 4.4 I have tried but not sure what else to do. Thanks -Andrew



    Thank you for posting this article. I recently used your tutorial on rooting the HTC One and it worked great. However, I am very interested in getting android 4.4 on my device. I am currently using sprint, and I cannot find a version of TWRP or for a sprint device. Does anybody know if it is possible to do this on, or if sprint will get an updated version of TWRP any time soon???

  24. Victor

    Great tutorial Max,

    Question, I have sprint’s htc one and I switched to Tmobile. I am able to use edge and 4g in some but no LTE. Is it possible to flash my phone to tmobile’s radio frequencies to take advantage of LTE or that would damage my htc one?

    1. Martin Rios Arellano

      Are you S-Off? You won’t be able to do it until you get rid of that security breach. Also install the latest TWRP and flash the baseband of this version (cause it’s not included)

    1. Martin Rios Arellano

      It’s because of the build version of this ROM I think it’s from the International Unlocked Version. The reason why you couldn’t install it on your phone is about the CID & MID of your One. You gotta change that (previously you also need to get Unlocked Bootloader and S-Off)

      1. alex

        I am ready to make all over again)) I like to torment my htc)) what sid & mid I will have to establish? thanks for the answer! ! !

        1. Martin Rios Arellano

          What it works for me is these values:
          CID = 11111111 ( SUPERCID)
          MID = PN0710000 if it doesn’t work, then try PN0712000

          In my case, the last one was THE ONE 😉

  25. alex

    after installation of this insertion, I received updating by air! but it isn’t established (((I made relock. I returned stok recovery. all the same updating ((why isn’t established?

  26. Harland

    I’ve run into a problem where my TWRP can’t find the Updated I added to my HTC One.

    I tried saving it in several different locations but it doesn’t show up and I can’t use TWRP to flash. Any suggestions?

    1. Harland

      Disregard this comment I found my own solution.

      If anyone reading this has the same problem, your files in TWRP on your internal sd card are in /data/media

  27. szabby


    For those experiencing wifi issues (i.e. saving but not connecting), did you also happen to install the Xposed Module?

    I have read on a forum others experiencing similar wifi issues after installing Sense 5 Toolbox module.

    Just trying to troubleshoot/isolate the cause…

  28. Harland


    I flashed the new rom and everything seems to be working, except my internal storage shows 21GBs is used in Other.

    I’ve done a factory restart and that didn’t solve the issue and when I access my internal storage via USB all files only total 2.34 GBs.


    1. MarOne

      It is the same problem for me. I have 13Gb aprox in Others. Do I made some mistakes on the Wipe factory data option??

  29. Ezeonwumelu Laurence

    Hello guys.. I installed this Rom and it’s working perfectly fine. Just a little problem . I backed up my apps, apps data and settings with adb in d command prompt. By when I try restoring by using “adb restore backup.ab”, I gt a msg “adb: unable to connect for backup”.. I need help please

  30. MarOne

    Hi Guys!

    You have done a great job and it’s really clear the way to install the rom.

    I’ve done all and I Could install the Rom but I cannot get the OTA updates. I’ve changed my CID to supercid and checking my MID got PN0712000. The OTA update goes into recovery mode but cannot install it. Any help? Do I need to change the MId? If yes, how to?

  31. Sander

    Hey there,

    Thanks! With a little bit of trial and error i updated tot Kit Kat… Thnx!
    Now i have a question. I get an software update from my phone. Is it save to install this like i always did when my phone wasn’t rooted?

      1. sander

        Nope i didnt. Did you? I stopped searching and didnt update. I i think i go back to unroot my phone since there is kitkat the official way now. Atleast i can update if i do that..

  32. Arjan

    Dear HTConeroot,
    ik like to now if its possible to receive the updated rom 4.4.(2) sense 5.5 or 6? i see this update is available @ my device but i cant install it.
    Do you have any tips to do this? or can you help me with the updated rom?

    grtz, A

  33. Jensen Wang

    Help Max,

    I loaded the 4.4 Rom on TWRP and my os got wiped out. Please let me know what to do. In desperate need of help.

  34. Jay

    Flashed to this using cwm and now can’t pass the HTC logo screen.
    Recovery doesn’t load, reboots to boot loader and won’t let me flash a new one.
    Tried many things but stuck now!

  35. Antony Fuentes

    I am seeing a lot of people asking questions that could be answered if they simply read the whole post. Others that aren’t answered by reading. I will try to target as many of this questions as I can and know the answer to on this comment.

    Installing on “x provider” version. It clearly states that this ROM can be flashed on any HTC One no matter who the carrier.

    If you are S-Off, that is awesome! Yes, you can flash it on S-Off.

    Make sure that you have the latest TWRP recovery because it will not work if you have CWM.

    You should not be on fastboot for any reason other than flashing TWRP because you previously had either, CWM or a version of TWRP that is or lower. Somebody said that they were “stuck” on bootloader. Make sure that you have the correct file and that you have changed the directory (in the command prompt) to were your fastboot and adb files are. I would recommend putting the recovery in the same place. The file name should be “openrecovery-twrp-” unless you changed it. Therefore the command for flashing TWRP recovery (if you didn’t change the file name) should be “fastboot flash recovery openrecovery-twrp-”

    If for any reason your phone is stuck in the bootloader and you can’t do anything, force shut it by holding power button for approximately 10 seconds. Boot into bootloader again.

    When it comes to flashing the ROM, double check that you indeed have TWRP recovery or later. If not,, flash the latest one. Before flashing ROM, make sure that you wipe Dalvik and Cache partitions. If you came from another Sense based ROM, you shouldn’t need to but I’d personally still recommend it. It doesn’t hurt to do and can save you a headache later on

    1. Kagazzle

      Mr. Fuentes, if you read carefully, you’ll notice that the tutorial says “any GSM carrier.” In the US, only AT&T(Aio) and T-Mobile(Metro PCS) use the GSM standard, meaning Sprint and Verizon, who use the CDMA standard, will Not work.

  36. Nguyen

    my phone appears system update notification to 4.06.1540.3 . when it is downloaded then how do i flash? i tried 1 times but i didn’t see zip file to flash in TWRP

  37. Blake Scoggin

    I’m getting an odd graphical artifact on the search and microphone icons in the search bar in the Google Play store app. Here’s a screenshot:

    Anyone else noticed this? It only shows up there, nowhere else. Also, there seems to be a bug with the HTC emoji keyboard. If I back out of the keyboard while it’s still in the emoji selection, the capacitive back button on the phone stops working. I have to go back into the keyboard and go back to the text keyboard.

  38. Brinston

    i Own a unlocked and rooted sprint htc one. I am using it in India.
    It currently runs on android 4.3
    i am using it on gsm
    for installation of this rom it requires a twrp which is currently not available for my phone (only is available)
    So is there any other way i can proceed…?

  39. Philip

    Does anyone know where I can obtain the stock 4.4 recovery.img file as I would like to re-flash this to allow the 4.4.2 ota update to be installed, can’t seem to find it anywhere or can I use the one for 4.4 google play edition ? My phone is the HTc One M7 international unlocked version.

  40. richard


    I have great difficulty to flash CWM on my HTC One.

    I find it that Samsung phones are much more easy to install things than HTC but that aside.

    It keeps saying this: cannot load ‘recovery-clockwork-touch-

    I have the HTC fastboot folder and if i look in CMD it says that the file is in the directory but jet fails to install and says that it could not load the file while its in the directory. What am i doing wrong here?

    This phone is making me nuts because its so hard to install things and every time when i want to install something it does not work.

    I had Samsung Galaxys 2 before and it was 1000% more easy to install things on it, is it possible to install it the same way as on samsung phones?

    Thnx in advanced.

  41. Pingback: Informationen und Fragen zum Update auf Android 4.4.2 - Seite 28 -

  42. Chris V

    I have a rooted phone and want to update, is there a way to so without losing everything i already have and starting over?

  43. Wilda

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    to say that I acquire actually loved account your blog posts.
    Any way I’ll be subscribing to your augment and even I achievement you get admission to persistently fast.

  44. DAN


  45. RC@

    Sprint CDMA Phones: The notes posted for this ROM indicate “you can install this on any GSM HTC One including AT&T, T-Mobile, unlocked, and international”. There’s no mention of Sprint CDMA support nor any link to a Sprint version (as is with the ViperROM review for example). If you’ve flashed this ROM onto a Sprint phone and are stuck in boot loop you can check the following link for options:

  46. Tanveer

    Thanks, I Install this then I download recovery-4.06.1540.2.img and flash it by fastboot in boatloader and got OTA Updates as well. thanks

    1. Mike

      What carrier are you using? I am on T-Mobile and want to make sure that recovery-4.06.1540.2.img will work for me.

    2. Jamie

      Mate thank you for this I did exactly as you and the OTA upgrade worked perfectly absolute legend!!!

      I’m using an unlocked Cincinnati Bell M7 GSM now on MetroPCS, so all other carriers should be fine yeeeew!!

  47. Chano

    Hi. I have a coupe of questions:

    I’ve just downloaded the ‘’RUU 3.22.1540.1 Developer Edition’’ executable file (4.3 version) and ‘’1.29.1540.17 Developer Edition’’ zip file (4.1.2 version) from HTCDev website. and some days later I found this wonderful site.

    I have an HTC One with Android 4.1.2. and I’ve unlocked my phone via HTCDev website and s-off in order to try this stock room with android 4.4.2 (I made a backup of my system before that), because
    my local carrier made some unpleasant changes to the original system (which most carriers do), and my carrier has the reputation to never upgrade android on their phones.

    but now, I want to install the Developer Edition from the RUU file that I’ve just downloaded but I do not know if do I need to have S-ON to install it because it is a downgrade from 4.4.2 to 4.3… so I do not know what to do.

    I have this specs from recovery mode.

    CID:11111111 (HTC__032 before)
    Aug 26 2013, 21:40:23:-1

    could you help me please?
    best regards.

  48. ly tran

    I have trouble with my one, after install cm11 ROM my one did not recognize the internal sdcard,I tried connect to PC and there’s same problem. Reboot the phone in recovery mode and go to file manager I can see the sdcard. Any one can tell me what could I do( i did try format the sdcard). Thx for any help.

  49. RD

    Wow guys it is amazing. I an an AT&T branded HTC and now I am on stock version of HTC one play store edition.
    Thanks for all the hard work. I was very skeptical about something going wrong with my device but all went well as described in the tutorial.
    I was also able to get OTA once i flashed stock.recovery.4.06.1540.3.img.

    For those with doubts please read the tutorial multiple times and do only as advised.
    Thanks again.

  50. Kumar

    I have two HTC Ones. One is ATT branded and one is unlocked (booth rooted with TWRP recovery). I was thinking of taking a back up of unlocked version and restoring it on ATT version. The goal here is to remove all the bloatware that ATT version has.
    Thanks in advance.

    1. RD

      I had an sim unlocked ATT branded HTC one and after following the instructions I was able to convert it google play edition stock rom. Also after i updated the rom I was able to get OTA updates.

  51. Chris

    Can I restore my apps and settings from ARHD 2.0 ROM, to the stock ROM? Using Titanium Backup for example?

  52. arsham

    Hi everyone

    I have question:

    How can I find out what is my htc one version ???

    is it AT&T or internation or….. ?

    thanks in advance

  53. Suresh

    Please need your expert support.

    I have HTC 802D – CDMA+GSM, China Telecom Edition, am on Stock ROM, rooted and S-Off, I always have update trouble me.

    Any guide for me?

  54. Fredericka

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  57. alan marshall

    this really saved me i had succesfully installed twrp but the rom i downloaded wasnt working because i didnt have md5 file i didnt know what to do until i heard about on the go cables which meant i could download this without needing to know which md5 file i needed because this rom is stock but better because now i have su permission which i wanted. thank you very much for this and the tutorial on how to do it, i will definetly be donating

  58. Aswin

    I have an HTC One Sprint, rooted and running VipreOne 6.2.1.
    Can I install GPE edition directly ? Is there any thing that i need to be careful with before installing the ROM.

  59. housefart

    Its clear that a lot of ur ppl shouldn’t even be messing until you have read up on the subject for at least a year some I think 4. Lollz

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  61. Tato

    There is something wrong about this post!
    According to tutorial TWRP needed in order to flash the ROM.
    The problem is the latest vresion of TWRP for HTC ONE X International Endeavorou (GSM) is
    So, ONE X Intenational sould be excluded from the list of compatible devices in this post!.

    I will have to wait.

  62. kusy

    He leído tus artículos dos veces queriendo encontrar algo diferente y
    la realidad es que de esta manera pasa. Cada que leo tus artículos encuentro algo nuevo.

    Te juro que llevo no menos de tres horas leyendo cada una de las
    cosas que has escrito y me semejan geniales. Espero que no creas que intento acosarte jeje.
    Esta vez en serio, quiero decirte que es una agradable experiencia poder encontrarme con gente que posee grandes habilidades con las letras.
    Espero que sigas de este modo y que si se da el instante, podamos conocernos.


  63. kenUS

    Device: HTC One X+ (ATT, North America)
    Bootloader: Unlocked (S-ON)
    TWRP: openrecovery-twrp-
    TWRP Manager installed
    SuperSU installed
    ROM: (MD5 checksum verified on device)

    I am attempting to follow the method described in this post but am bumping into an error that I do not know how to
    resolve. When I try to flash the ROM listed above using the “Install” option from TWRP Manager, I get the following log:

    Kernel does not have support for reading SELinux contexts. (yellow-colored text)
    Running boot script…
    Finished running boot script
    MTP Enabled
    Formatting Cache using make_ext4fs function.
    Wiping data withou without wiping /data/media…
    Updating partition details…
    Installing ‘/sdcard/Download/’…
    Checking for MD5 file…
    Skipping MD5 check: no MD5 file found
    Warning: No file_contexts
    >>>Formatting partitions
    (system is unmounted already)
    >>> Mounting partitions
    >>> Cleaning process
    >>> Writing Data & System
    >>> Creating toolbox symlinks
    >>> Creating additional symlinks
    >>> Setting permissions
    set_metadata_recursive: some changes failed
    E: Error executing updater binary in zip ‘.sdcard/Download/’ (red-colored text)
    Error flashing zip ‘/sdcard/Download/’
    Updating partition details…

    I used the install options to factory reset (clear cache, dalvik, and data) prior to installing. The first
    indication of failure is in the last few lines, but I don’t know how to interpret the messages. Can anyone offer
    any suggestions on where to start looking?

  64. Rebecca

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  65. farhood

    thanks for the great guides . . .
    i just rooted my m8 with you guide , pretty awesome . here’s the thing , i’m on 5.0.1 but i really want this rom (4.4) can i simply flash this rom or do i need to do something else too ? i’m asking on account of going from a higher version of android to an older one , does that make any problem ? i heard some where i need to S-off . . .

  66. aiowb

    I’m actually downgrading my phone from lollipop to KitKat because the network doesn’t work from the neither in 5.0.1 or 6.0.1 ,if this gonna working tell me please ,cause Im unhappy changing my phone’s ROM for every day


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