How to Root Verizon HTC One M7/M8 and Unlock Bootloader!


For those of you with Verizon HTC One M7 or M8, you know that Verizon has been going a bit too far by totally locking bootloaders on users while every other HTC One model on the planet is unlockable using   Well, this is truly sad story but thanks to excellent Android expert XDA user JCase, you will be able to root your Verizon HTC One M7 or M8 easily using his WeakSauce application.

The process is pretty simple, you just need to download WeakSauce app (APK file) then install on your phone and run it.  Then also install SuperSU app from Play Store and reboot your phone.  Voila, your phone should be rooted in about 5 minutes max.  Also, this does not void your warranty since it only gives your Verizon HTC One M7/M8 root.  The WeakSauce app actually “roots” your phone on every boot as that’s how this app works but does not touch any of your bootloader parts.

Now, if you want to install custom ROMs, you can also go a step further and get S-OFF.  While regular HTC One models do not require S-OFF to install custom ROMs, the Verizon model does require it since bootloader is still locked.  To get S-OFF on your Verizon HTC One M7/M8, you can simply use FireWater.

Once that’s done, you can follow from Step 5 of our root page to install CWM or TWRP recovery.

Credits – XDA <— Please donate to the developer of WeakSauce JCase if you want to thank the developer who found a way to root the Verizon HTC One M7/M8.

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47 thoughts on “How to Root Verizon HTC One M7/M8 and Unlock Bootloader!

  1. Bankanidhi Sahoo

    Sunshine is too expensive. Think of HTC one M7. it is already an old phone and just unlock the bootloader and s-off they charge 25 dollar. that is too much. if they do it for 5 bucks i guess many people will come forward for it.

  2. Peter

    Three days ago I switched from a rooted Samsung GS III on Verizon to the HTC One M8. As I was setting it up the first night it upgraded to 4.4.3. I have not been able to get Weak Sauce or Sunshine to work. I’m happy to pay the $25 for Sunshine, but I can’t get temp root to get access for it. Am I overlooking a method out there?

    1. Justin

      Sunshine automatically acquires root now, it doesn’t need you to be rooted in advance, it says so on the XDA Developers thread. Enjoy being rooted and S-OFF!

      1. Will

        I have the same problem Peter had…Sunshine cannot root the phone. What is wrong? It is unable to acquire temproot. Weaksauce also is unable to acquire root. I can’t use HTCdev to unlock the bootloader because I don’t have Super CID, and I can’t get that if I’m not rooted, which I’m obviously not.

  3. Sarah

    I have a Verizon HTC One M8 running Android 4.4.3. I’ve followed the directions several times to get Weaksauce installed. Each time is successful in the installation, but when I run it and click “i accept” it responds with “root failed”. I’ve rebooted using adb, I’ve rebooted using the power button… any idea what else I can do? I have tried uninstalling rebooting and reinstalling again. I’ve even gone so far as to reset my phone to factory just to make sure I didn’t have anything I installed wrong getting in the way.


    1. jayebird

      I’ve had the same problem and still no fix. I used sunshine to get s-off but it’s my understanding it won’t root. I now have the s-off message but I also have a”tampered” message right above it.
      I installed weak sauce and kept getting a “root failed” message. I rebooted. Uninstalled and reinstalled. Tried everything but can’t get it to work. Since I can’t get root I also can’t get superSU to install. It gives me a message about missing binary files. I’ve followed every step of every direction but nothing is working. Anyone else encounter this? Any suggestions?

      1. Josh

        You guys kill me… Sunshine works.. It only achieves s-off and bootloader unlock! After s-off you need to download the Android sdk package and the TWRP recovery from the TWRP website and make sure you have the HTC drivers installed. Fastboot the device and use that to flash the TWRP recovery and then use TWRP to flash the supersu binary package zip from chainfire and done.

        BTW back up your stock recovery and rom before or after you root as long as you don’t change the system too much (Flash the stock rooted backup, just unroot, reboot, flash stock recovery) so you’ll be able to flash back for the Android 5.0 upgrade later.

        Thanks jcase, great work.

    1. Robert

      I would love to change carriers but in nowheres ville NC I need Verizon. I get 4G LTE even on back roads. When I moved here a few months ago att didn’t get 2g even at my hotel

  4. ismail

    Dear Sir, My name is Ismail from Jordan, I have an HTC one phone that is locked by PIN. Yesterday, I used the chat service provided by HTC website and the agent tried to help me but at the end he could get back with this answer: (My phone is manufactured to work in US only by Verizon Wireless Co in US. he said they are the only one who can provide you with the code.
    I read in this website about someway how to solve this problem but the problem is that my phone is blocked and I can’t get in to install any APK apps to over ride this problem.
    Any Help.? please . Thank you.

    IMEI: 990004281990279

    1. Hampton Scarnington

      I know you probably won’t see this, but I believe I had a similar issue years ago with a G1 and I had some luck by finding someone with an existing Verizon account (would probably need to be a US account holder) and having them call their support asking to unlock a phone for international travel. If all goes well they’ll take your IMEI and give you the required code to unlock. If contacting Verizon is not an option you may be able to find web services that will charge you for a code after providing your IMEI, but that’s a little riskier.

      Also your IMEI uniquely (more or less) identifies your hardware, you may wish to keep it private in the future.

  5. Miles

    So Sunshine will now automatically temproot the phone, unlock my bootloader, and acquire S-Off, correct? What then? How do I install TWRP?

  6. daniel

    The sense 6 update has made it close to impossible to unlock my HTC one. Does anyone know if sunshine will work on sense 6, or any other method

    1. Josh

      Pretty sure they updated it to work with the 4.4.3 update for verizon at least. Worked on mine. The 4.4.4 update however was of no concern since I was already s-off.

  7. bobby

    hey I followed your video the other day to root my htc one m8 but since then I am unable to access wifi at all. the wifi toggle will not swtich to on, and it says my ip address and mac address are unavailable. ive tried everything to try and fix this, any suggestions?

  8. Leo

    I have purchased Sunshine and is able to get my Verizon HTC One phone to S-off on the bootloader screen on the phone. However, on the next step
    fastboot oem get_identifier_token to get the Identifier toke string and insert to the HTC/ Dev unlocking bootloader failed with Error Code 160 MID not allowed. Retry multiple times by getting new identifier token, and get the same error. My question , does that mean Sunshine failed to setup the bootloader to return the right identifier_token for the unlock bootloader application to work. Do i need to get the unlock_bin_code to unlock the bootloader before I can procceed to loading new ROM.

    Or, once it is S-off, I can go to Super user mode and back up recovery with twrp and install Tmoble ROM. I just want to install the phone with a Tmobile ROM. Thanks for quick response.

    1. Dave

      As of now, it seems we are out of luck. I just tried WeakSauce and Sunshine on my HTC One M8 with 4.4.4, and neither worked. Let’s hope JCase or somebody can figure it out. Let me know if I can help in any way. I would gladly pay $25.

  9. brandon

    What do m8 Verizon users do to get help rooting with kit Kat 4.4.4 ? I’ve had my phone since October 12. I’m desperate! I’m also way new to this community but fascinated.

  10. Ayaz

    I need root apk for verizon htc one m8, I have latest upgrade…
    Android version 4.4.4
    HTC sense 6.0
    HTC SDK API 6.25
    I need root acces on phone…

  11. Lara

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  12. wacho

    my problem is the following: two days ago my htc was software upgrading , i disconnect the phone by mistake , and since then my phone is stuck in recovery mode. the bootloader is locked .
    how can i solve this ?

  13. SigLover21

    Verizon should be able to fix that for you in a heartbeat. Otherwise You could try to run the RUU for that update and see if it fixes it. Also there’s a thing on HTC Sync where it trys to repair the phone. Good Luck. P.S. if you can’t get it fixed I’ve got the Java card, and that’s supposed to be able to fix anything. Find me on XDA and PM me. We’ll work something out.

  14. Marko Daisen

    I have a rooted and S-OFF verizon one m8 am I able to flash any custom roms or just those that are specified for verizon m8?

  15. SigLover21

    If you want it to still work on Verizon, then yes. Otherwise I think it would be wise to flash whatever carrier’s RUU prior to the custom rom for that carrier. They are available online.

  16. Duffrin

    I have the HTC one m8 and its running 5.0 sunshine says they are working on an update but it has been that way since 5.0 was released. How can I root my phone?

  17. kbb655

    I have an HTC One M7 on Verizon. It recently updated to Lollipop and I hate it.. and some of my apps don’t work right. I want to revert back to Kit Kat, any suggestions? I have tried to use Sunshine to unlock bootloader and S-off, but it requires the device to be rooted first. Htcdev doesn’t work with Verizon. So now what? Weaksauce 2 doesn’t work either.. it installs then locks up.

  18. Troy

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  20. Isaac

    So sunshine will only do s-off which is good if you need to install a custom rom but if you want to root a stock install you would need to go with Kingroot.

    I will see if there is a way to get Kingroot off and not lose root privs but so far that is the only app that has worked. Yes I am not happy using it either but there does not seem to be much else that works.

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  24. Alex

    i tried an tried over and over again…. and keep receiving the message “installation failed” from SuperSU after is trying to update its binary.
    of course before root was activated with weaksauce.
    kitkat 4.4.3
    htc one M7 Verizon

    tried also on another htc m7 verizon but with android 5.0.2…in this case not even weaksauce is working 🙁

    can you help me pls?

    thanks Alex


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