How to Root HTC One! [Windows/Mac/Linux]

For those of you who want to root your HTC One, here’s a step-by-step tutorial for all Windows, Mac, and Linux computers, that will allow you to unlock the bootloader, install TWRP recovery, and root your HTC One without losing your apps/settings by using ADB backup.

This root method will work on all of the following HTC One smartphones:

HTC One M7 – AT&T/T-Mobile/International/Unlocked/Developer

HTC One M7WLS – Sprint

HTC One Mini M4 ( For HTC One Mini, all instructions are same but download and place openrecovery-twrp- file in HTCOneRoot directory)

Also will work on Android 4.2.2, Android 4.3 Jelly Bean, and Android 4.4.2 KitKat.

For rooting Verizon HTC One M7 or M8, please see How to Root Verizon HTC One M7/M8 instead!

Watch our Step-by-Step Windows Video Tutorial:
(You can also download this video here in full 1080P MP4 format for viewing on your phone/tablet/computer!)

Watch our Step-by-Step Mac Video Tutorial:
(You can also download this video here in full 1080P MP4 format for viewing on your phone/tablet/computer!)

Watch our Step-by-Step Linux Video Tutorial:
(You can also download this video here in full 1080P MP4 format for viewing on your phone/tablet/computer!)

Before we begin, MAKE A BACKUP of EVERYTHING on your HTC One internal storage by copying the everything to your hard drive! (For Mac, please install Android File Transfer, which will allow you to connect your HTC One as a disk drive.)

Step 1. First, go to Settings->Developer options and make sure USB debugging is checked ON.


Step 2. Connect a micro-USB cable from your HTC One to your computer.


Step 3. Download and unzip to HTCOneRoot directory.  This zip file contains everything you need to root your HTC One!

Download (For Windows, Mac, and Linux)

If you have Mac or Linux, no driver is needed.  For Windows users, if you don’t have HTC drivers installed, run the HTCDriver_4.1.0.001.exe file to install drivers.  (You can also grab HTC One drivers here.)


If drivers are installed correctly, you should see “My HTC” or something similar like “ADB Interface” in Device Manager for Windows.


Step 4. Open a command prompt/terminal on your computer and type:

For Windows:
cd Downloads
cd HTCOneRoot
adb backup -apk -all -f backup.ab

For Mac:
cd Downloads
cd HTCOneRoot
chmod 755 *
./adb-mac backup -apk -all -f backup.ab

For Linux:
cd Downloads
chmod 755 *
cd HTCOneRoot
./adb-linux backup -apk -all -f backup.ab


Step 5. Go to your phone and choose “Backup up my data”.  This will back up all of your app and app data.


Step 6. Once app backup is done, go to Settings->Power and make sure Fast boot is checked OFF.


Step 7. Turn off your HTC One.  Then hold down Volume Down and Power buttons together for about 3-5 seconds until you see bootloader menu.


Hit the Power button to enter Fastboot mode.


Connect micro-USB cable from your HTC One to your computer.


Step 8. Type the following in your command prompt/terminal:

For Windows:
fastboot oem get_identifier_token
For Mac:
./fastboot-mac oem get_identifier_token
For Linux:
sudo ./fastboot-linux oem get_identifier_token


Step 9. Copy the identifier token you get exactly as shown below (or see video tutorial).


Step 10. Go to and log-in.  If you don’t have an account, register then log-in.

Click on “Unlock Bootloader” then “Get Started”.


Step 11. Choose “All Other Supported Models” then click on “Begin Unlock Bootloader”.


Step 12. Choose “Yes”.


Step 13. Make sure check boxes are checked ON and click on “Proceed to Unlock Instructions”.


Step 14. Scroll all the way to the bottom and click on “Proceed to Step 5”.


Step 15. Scroll all the way to the bottom and click on “Proceed to Step 8”.


Step 16. Scroll all the way to the bottom and paste your token you copied over earlier.  Make sure there’s no white spaces or INFO (if using MAC/Linux).


Step 17. Hit “Submit” and if you copied and pasted the token correctly, you should get a success message.


Step 18. Check your e-mail and you should have received Unlock_code.bin file from


Step 19. Download and copy the Unlock_code.bin file to the HTCOneRoot folder.


Step 20. Next type in command prompt/terminal:

For Windows, type:
fastboot flash unlocktoken Unlock_code.bin

For Mac, type:
./fastboot-mac flash unlocktoken Unlock_code.bin

For Linux, type:
sudo ./fastboot-linux flash unlocktoken Unlock_code.bin


Step 21. Go to your phone and choose “Yes” using Volume Up button then hit the Power button.  Your HTC One will reboot in about 5 seconds.


Step 22. Once rebooted, your HTC One should be completely wiped and you should get Welcome message just like the day you got your phone.  Sign in through the setup process then copy the file in HTCOneRoot folder to anywhere on your HTC One’s internal storage.

*Note – For Android 4.3 or 4.4, please use the file “” instead of v1.30.


Step 23. Power off your phone then re-boot into bootloader menu to fastboot mode like you did in Step 7.


Step 24. Type the following to install recovery:

For HTC One M7 (AT&T/T-Mobile/International/Unlocked/Developer)

fastboot flash recovery openrecovery-twrp-

For HTC One M7WLS (Sprint):

fastboot flash recovery openrecovery-twrp-

Then Type:

fastboot erase cache

( For HTC One Mini M4, all instructions are same but download and place openrecovery-twrp- file in HTCOneRoot directory)

For HTC One Mini M4:

fastboot flash recovery openrecovery-twrp-

Then Type:

fastboot erase cache

For Mac, replace “fastboot” with “./fastboot-mac”.

For Linux, replace “fastboot” with “sudo ./fastboot-linux”.


Step 25. Choose “Bootloader” and hit the Power button.


Step 26. Choose “Recovery” and hit the Power button.



Step 27. Once in TWRP recovery, choose “Install”.


Step 28. Choose the file

*Note – For Android 4.3 or 4.4, please use the file “” instead.


Step 29. Swipe to flash this file.  This will root your HTC One by installing SuperSU superuser app and SU binaries.


Step 30. Choose “Reboot System” to reboot.


Step 31. Once rebooted, you will find “SuperSU” app in your app drawer.  Congratulations!  You’ve successfully rooted your HTC One!  You can verify full root by installing a rooted app like Titanium Backup app.


Step 32. Next, let’s restore your data.  Go ahead and copy all of your data (you backed up earlier) back into your HTC One’s internal storage.

Then, go to Settings->Developer options and make sure “USB debugging” is checked ON.  (You will have to do this again since your phone reseted itself when you unlocked the bootloader) Connect micro-USB cable from your phone to your computer.


Step 33. Next type the following to restore your app and app data:

For Windows:
adb restore backup.ab
For Mac:
./adb-mac restore backup.ab
For Linux:
./adb-linux restore backup.ab


Step 34. Go to your phone and hit “Restore my data”.


Step 35. Your HTC One should now be fully rooted along with your apps!


Step 36. HTC One stock firmwares are HARD TO FIND.  So, my suggestion is to make a backup ROM at this point.  That will allow you to easily unroot and restore stock firmware if something goes wrong or you want to take your phone back for warranty.

You can do this easily by re-booting into TWRP recovery and selecting “Backup”.





Q: Does this root method erase my data and personal files?
A: No, if you follow everything in this tutorial, you will be able to root your HTC One, keep your data and personal files.  So make sure you follow every step!

Q: I cannot flash the TWRP recovery using fastboot!
A: Please see revised Step 24 on this page, the TWRP file has been updated to the latest version!


Thanks to ChainFire for awesome SuperSU and TWRP Team for awesome TWRP recoveries.


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528 thoughts on “How to Root HTC One! [Windows/Mac/Linux]

  1. dexter

    very cool job
    but I get a problem with the step : “./fastboot-mac flash recovry openrecovery-twrp-”
    it give me that : “sending ‘recovry’ (7916 KB)… OKAY
    writing ‘recovry’… INFOsignature checking…
    FAILED (remote: signature verify fail)”
    please help me

    1. newsai

      i get to the Step 26 of your tutorial, after i enter the recovery, my touch screen does not response, i hit install but nothing happens any helps ?

      1. Morten

        That happens with me as well, I enter recovery, and nothing works. After a while I get slide to unlock, and I have to reboot.
        Do anyone have a solution?

        1. jonny

          Max – great how to, thanks.
          I also had the screen freeze after step 26 at the recovery install phase. I downloaded twrp from the TeamWin website and this solved it for me.

      2. Yuliem D

        I am stuck at this too, and I pushed the power button since i couldn’t touch the ‘install’ but its stuck at a lock icon with ‘twrp’ and says slide to unlock but i can’t. i downloaded the that i read about here but i can’t drag it into my phone since its stuck at that phase, how can i go back to bootloader?

    2. george

      i have HBOOT-1.54.0000

      Microsoft Windows [Version 6.1.7601]
      Copyright (c) 2009 Microsoft Corporation. All rights reserved.

      C:\Users\Ge>cd desktop

      C:\Users\Ge\Desktop>cd HTCOneRoot

      C:\Users\Ge\Desktop\HTCOneRoot>adb backup -apk -all -f backup.ab
      * daemon not running. starting it now on port 5037 *
      * daemon started successfully *
      Now unlock your device and confirm the backup operation.

      C:\Users\Ge\Desktop\HTCOneRoot>fastboot oem get_identifier_token
      ‘fastboot’ is not recognized as an internal or external command,
      operable program or batch file.


    3. cj

      Hi there. i fixed my problem. I dont know somehow how the fix worked but shutting the pc down and turning it back on and do the command again fixed it for me

  2. Lionel

    Hi max,
    i bought an htc one t mobile unlocked. i want to use the htc in canada on with wind network
    it says on xda that i must do this 3rd step. with your steps do i have to do this last xda one?

    If you are a t-mobile user you’re not out of the woods yet! The stock kernel is system write protected, so you still can’t modify it (changes won’t “stick”). You’ll have to flash a custom rom or a kernel if you want stock instead.

    I recommend these kernels:….php?t=2255900 or…highlight=menu

  3. Alex

    Hey Max. Love your vids! By far the best and professional video tutorials out on youtube. I’m REALLY considering to jailbreaking my HTC Inspire 4G AT&T. Been searching alot the past few days only to keep landing so much on the web site. And boy its complicated. Trying to setup a Goldcard pass is nothing but all dead ends, either by reference sites are down, or apps, with real no success and help. As I watch your lasted video on rooting the HTC One, the process looks a whole lot simpler and I can follow along.

    So my question is Max, will this HTCOneRoot app work on my Inspire?

    Thanks for your time.


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    Zorans-MacBook-Air-2:htconeroot zoranmiljak$ ./fastboot-mac flash /recovery openrecovery-twrp-
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    FAILED (remote: signature verify fail)
    Zorans-MacBook-Air-2:htconeroot zoranmiljak$

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    Hey Zedo!! A heads up! The apps will not erase but the music and the photos WILL. Just to let your subscribers know. 😉 Keep the good work.
    Now to keep playing with my ONE. Where did you buy the android cover for the ONE that you have?

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    Hello Max, thanks for your super tutorial. I was wondering if you can make “a part two” about how to unroot htc one using Mac OSX. Have a great day.

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    When trying to do the adb backup and doing the commands, my computer says it can’t find the “path specified”. I don’t know what I’m doing wrong.

  9. Khmalah

    I can’t seem to even get past step #4 fro Mac. Every time I type in the command I get the message unable to connect to backup. What am I doing wrong? I have followed all the instructions to the letter. Please reply and advise. Thanks.

    1. Geo

      I got the same error … what I did to resolve it was go back to developer options and uncheck then recheck usb debugging. Worked after that.

      Problem I’m having is when I run the adb command I can’s select back up now on my phone. It’s like my phone doesn’t respond to any touches there when thats running. Anyone got any solutions?

    2. SamSon

      I ran into this same issue. Don’t know exactly how and why it decided to start working, but after I tried to re-run the command into my cmd a day later it decided to work and actually ask me “Now unlock your device and confirm the backup operation.”

    1. Naman

      how did you overcome this problem?
      did you have any other problems while rooting the phone, if any how did u solve them too?
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  12. darkuz

    Hi, Max.
    Firstly, thanks for very useful guide of rooting and so on! 🙂
    If t is not a big problem or hard job for you, can you please make a video guide with downloads and so on for making my phone from orange uk to general (not branded) uk? I find a gude of making mid/cid, but t’s hard for me to work with adb for android and hard enough procedure for me of making my devise s-off, that is a must for changing cid/mid. I don’t need root or bootloader unlock for now, I just need an unbranded version (the phone wasn’t carrier locked – only updates didn’t come at the time). And, if it is possible, after everything want to have my phone: not rooted, with locked bootloader, with s-on and with international cid.
    Thanks in advanced 😉

  13. kohut

    Hey. Everything worked out with the root after a week or so I tried installing a different recovory that wasn’t touch. I had issues installing hd revolutions froze and I restored my stock back up. When I booted into the new recovory and tried to flash a Rom it would install it half way and shut down. I lost everything all my back ups and was bricked with only hd revolutions that I couldn’t install. . I freaked for about two hours and reslashed the recovory like you did through dis commands and was able to install that Rom.. just a warning guys. Stick with the recovory that’s with this root. If I didn’t have the root htcroot folder on my desktop I was for sure bricked . Can any one send me a copy of there AT&T back up so I can have a stock backup?

  14. Andrew Shashati

    Hello Max
    So i bought a brand new unlocked HTC One from Dubai
    I rooted it before ever inserting a sim card into it.
    The device now keeps malfunctioning.
    It keeps restarting at the most random moments ever.
    The only reason i wanted to root my phone is to be able to use blackmart to download apps, but since i can use aptoide without rooting it, i would like to find out how i can remove the root or TWRP from the system.
    Please reply as soon you can.
    If anyone else can also offer some helpful tips on this matter it would be much appreciated.
    Thank you.

  15. huypham1996

    I just followed this tutorial and it worked great until I tried to restore the backup.ab file, for some reason, only the first 10 of about 50 apps were restored, after which it said restore was completed. Do you have any idea why this might’ve happened and how to fix it?

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    Hmmm no love on HTC one from this guy…. Can you at least direct us to someone who will help

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    i have 2 problems i can’t update to Android 4.2.2 and my processor doesn’t underclock and it is refreshing the stock frequency

  20. Omar Silva

    Hello Max, I’ve a questios, I have the HTC One Dev Edition:


    The main question is, is there a way to backup the Stock Recovery before flashing it? I don’t want to toch the Stock Rom then if I get any software updates from HTC that will be impossible to install with a custom Recovery.

    I hope you can help me thank you MAX GREAT TUTORIAL.

    1. William

      Stock rom for dev edition is available on the HTC site.

      You can use Android File Transfer at the top of this page to do a full backup.

  21. Aldeko

    HI, my htc one just stuck on step 27 In TWR recovery menu all options just freezing, cant do install….
    Inned to hold power button 10 sec to reboot device, what can i do to root phone?

    1. Cagri

      Did you handle the problem. My phone freezed. I can’t do anything. Holding power button just doing nothing.

  22. chris resendez

    Here’s what’s needs to happen…. A video tutorial on flashing Roms… And a video onroot, relock and return to stock to get ota updates… This site get updated rarely.. Sadly

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    This is by far, one of the best tutorials, i have every seen. Great information. Others are no were near as detailed, as this one. Thanks!!

  26. trupo

    I have a problem, I can not install update – 4.2.2 JB. I always load your recovery and then my system indicates that an error occurred during installation. What should be done?

    1. admin Post author

      You need stock recovery to install any stock updates. My advice is to grab a rooted version of it on xda.

      1. trupo

        I am a layman in this. please help me. There is a manual step-by-step for ROOT. Is there any step-by-step manual to unroot? It certainly needs to be done unroot? Do not just lock of bootloader only?

  27. Carmine

    Hello Bro, i’m following your tutorial step by step and i’m getting the next error 🙁

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    do i have to download a new adb-mac file?

    1. Thomas

      …ran into same small issue,
      1. make sure phone screen is active, not locked.
      2. make sure android file transfer app is open.
      3. is usb cable plugged in

      that should do it…

      1. suka

        I keep having the same problem with :

        “adb: unable to connect for backup”

        is all it says. I’ve tried over 8x and still the same thing. on my One, I have usb debugging checked, and MTP mode is enabled. thats all

    2. jay

      run these two commands. the server was out of wack for me so i found this resolution.

      adb kill-server
      adb start-server

      then run your back up.

      adb restore backup.ab

      1. drardal

        No, this does not work. After CDing to HTCOneRoot and LSing to make sure all the files are there and CHMODing none of the adb commands work. e.g. on a Mac,

        ./adb-mac backup -apk -all- f backup.ab


        adb: unable to connect for backup

        whether or not the phone is unlocked and after all previous directions have been followed.

        Pls help anyone.

  28. Bhav

    I got twrp 2.5 on my device but their is 2.6 out… Do I need to update in order to download custome Roms

    1. admin Post author

      You can use old one, it works just fine but if you want to update just use Goo Manager app on Play Store to update.

  29. meshari

    all done perfectly

    Except when i get into the teamwin recovery project

    i can’t use it (the touch isn’t working)
    i replaced it with clockwork which worked except when using aroma installer which again require touch

    do you know how to fix this

    1. ujai

      I’m having the same problem with TWRP, once the TWRP screen loaded, I can’t touch the buttons, any solution?

  30. Jeff Smart

    It was important for me to open the command prompt in windows 7 in administrator-mode…
    otherwise backup-file was not saved and the process hung up!
    the rest of the process was perfect…great work!!!

  31. neil15

    i have unlocked and root my htc one using this thread. but how do i relock and unroot it again?
    i cant install the OTA file of 4.2.2 because my fone is unlocked.

  32. fnaan

    woow nice , but i have problem here when i go to recovery page the touch screen dosent working !! what i can do now max 🙁

    1. admin Post author

      Not sure why that is happening to some, which HTC One do you have? Try downloading the latest TWRP for your HTC One at TWRP website here and replace it in the fastboot command and see if it fixes it:

      If that fixes it, it may be an issue with the latest firmware/bootloader but I am not 100% sure.

      1. fnaan

        i do it , i download the last twrp and the same problem the touch screen dosent woork 🙂 🙂

        i change the twrp recovery to cwm and i choose install zip from sdcard then i choose zip from sdcard

        now i should chose the root but i didnt find it !!

        the root file is winarzip but i didnt see it in the recovery !! why ?? and what’s the solution for that ??

  33. Lawrence Goodman

    This worked great. Thanks.

    For those who are getting the “FAILED (remote: signature verify fail)” error, it means your bootloader hasn’t been unlocked, or at least it did in my case.

    Just go through the process again and it should work.

  34. some

    Hi max, in step 36 you’ve mentioned to do backup on the ROM for easy unroot and back to stock firmware. How do one achieve this. Care to enlighten this noob?

  35. Cruzito1979

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  37. Zayd

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    Great tutorial! Except im having some serious issues creating a backup… i followed your instructions in your video to the tee and my htc one refuses to allow me to press the “back up my data” button. It allows me to press “do not backup” but it refuses to allow me to press what i need to.

    Do you know what the issue could be? I’m using windows and i’m following your command prompt inputs exactly.

    I’m very frustrated… i’d expect problems down the pipeline… but not on the first couple of steps!

    Thank you,


      1. zayd

        Yes, precisely. I’ve had errors where t
        Both options are greyed out and when they are in white my touch doesn’t register for “back up my data” but its okay if I want to dismiss the backup. Could it have something to do with HTC sync manager…?

      2. Matt

        So I did everything exactly how you described, but when I try opening SuperSU, it wont open, saying “There is no SU binary installed, and SU cannot install it” any thoughts??

    1. SamSon

      I ran into this same issue. Restarting my HTC One and replugging the USB cable back into my phone a couple times after rebooting un-greyed the two buttons.

  38. Simon Siu

    When i “fastboot oem get_identifier_token”
    then show “waiting for device”
    and i check the device manager.
    the “My HTC” show a error !
    how can i fix this problem
    p.s. I’m using windows 8

  39. Julian

    Where i should be begin when I have the Developers Edition?Because it have a unlocked bootloader from beginning

  40. michael

    Hey Max, really enjoy your videos. I am now following you on my third device but I am having a problem rooting. when I type the command “fastboot oem get_identifier_token” it just drops down to the next line and says “waiting for device”. Has anyone else had this trouble? Thanks for all you do.

    1. RedSpider

      Yes. That’s all I get. I also have noticed nobody seems to actually answer people in this forum, so there’s that bit of helpfulness.

  41. Heidi

    Thanks for these instructions, they worked perfectly for the most part, but I did find that restoring the adb backup didn’t restore my sms messages!

    Any ideas on how I can get them back!?

  42. Peter


    I rooted my HTC One following the above mentioned steps.
    I installed apex launcher and now ive got a major problem. There was an update this evening and after that update i rebooted my phone. Now my simcard wont unlock.
    No matter what i do the damn thing just wont unlock the simcard….i can use the phone when i take out the simcard (cant call obviously).
    It wont even let me use my PUK-code after like a million times of not accepting my code…. anyone please help me out here im stuck -.-

  43. Hermes

    Does anyone know why I cannot get the the black unlock boot loader screen that has the yes/no options?

  44. Val

    I’m getting this for some reason. It says Unlocked at the top but I cannot flash into recovery.
    C:\Users\Ninja\Downloads\HTCOneRoot>fastboot flash recovery openrecovery-twrp-2.

    sending ‘recovery’ (7916 KB)…
    FAILED (data transfer failure (Unknown error))
    finished. total time: 0.004s

    I don’t understand why this happens. After this I cannot navigate in the fastboot. I have to re-plug the USB for it to start working again or just reboot it completely.
    Any help is appreciated.

  45. Maurizio

    Great guide. It worked flawlessly but it would very nice and useful (like many other guys asked) to have some hints to unroot and relock back the device starting from the backup.
    Thanks a lot

  46. Cruzito1979

    Hey Max phone is unlocked thanks to you for all the help …… It seems I have a problem…. Everything is fine with the unlock and recovery, installed TWRP have my backup …… I have a HTC One At&t … I uninstall all att crapware…. I’m using the phone just fine for a while then will suddenly reboot and all att crapware is back… I also removed from root system browser of phone in Rom Toolbox Pro but no luck on completely removing … Any ideas on what is going on or how to remove permanently ……….. Thanks Max again for all your help and keep up the good work

  47. andrew


    I wonder if you can help, please? I’ve tried this several times, but it fails at step 21 every time (using Ubuntu).
    Step 20 works, with the following output:

    me@my-laptop:~/Downloads/HTCOne$ sudo ./fastboot-linux flash unlocktoken Unlock_code.bin
    sending ‘unlocktoken’ (0 KB)… OKAY
    writing ‘unlocktoken’… INFOunlock token check successfully

    But the phone doesn’t prompt me at all – it doesn’t respond in any way.

    Any ideas why? It’s clearly doing something, as I managed to get the unlocktoken etc. Bit confused!



        1. admin Post author

          try sudo ./fastboot-linux erase cache then do it again. sometimes the cache gets corrupt but this should fix it.

          1. andrew

            Thanks for the reply…
            I tried this, but it’s exactly the same. The phone doesn’t respond when I type in the flash command. Is there another command that will test whether the phone is responding to other commands?

            1. Panpy

              Hi Andrew. How’s your phone going? Are you still stuck at unlocking the bootloader step, because I encounter the same situation. I used a GPe stock RUU to convert my One into GPe. I relocked my bootloader and SON back in hope to restore my phone back to stock Sense but failed.

  48. Marvelon

    I need help with this rooting process. I followed all the steps and it seemed like it worked but the phone is not starting I to recovery mode, it just hangs and then shuts down every time. Will I have to Odin it?

  49. Bret

    How do you uninstall SuperSU/unroot?

    I’ve tried using the menu item to full unroot, but upon reboot it reappears.

    I’ve tried using adb shell, remounting /system rw, then removing /system/xbin/su and /system/xbin/Superuser.apk. Same result… Upon reboot it reappears!

    I appreciate the tenacity, but right now I really don’t want those files on the phone. Any ideas about what might be putting them back?

  50. Aly

    Can i backup my HTC one x using adb and then use that backup.ab file when restoring to my HTC One?

    Thanks and a very big fan of yours. Been rooting all my devices through you and used multiple roms and never had any problems. Please keep doin what you are doing and continue to be fantasttic!

  51. Alex

    Please help, I´m stuck in step 4 on mac, everytime I type the “./adb-mac backup -apk -all -f backup.ab” line I get “-bash: ./adb-mac: No such file or directory” I’m kind of a noob with this things, I have an unlocked version by the way, any help will be reaaaaaally appreciated.

    THANKS 😛

  52. Hendrik

    Hi there,

    I think I’ve got a massive Problem, after installing the recovery, I took my phone and want too start in it. Now the phone is stuck at the green htc logo for about 20 minutes. should I wait till the battery is dead?

    Thanks for reply.

    btw. here is my comand line for installing the recovery –>

    henny@ubuntu:~/Downloads/HTCOneRoot$ sudo ./fastboot-linux flash recovery openrecovery-twrp-
    openrecovery-twrp- openrecovery-twrp-
    henny@ubuntu:~/Downloads/HTCOneRoot$ sudo ./fastboot-linux flash recovery openrecovery-twrp-
    error: cannot load ‘openrecovery-twrp-’

    henny@ubuntu:~/Downloads/HTCOneRoot$ sudo ./fastboot-linux flash recovery openrecovery-twrp-
    sending ‘recovery’ (7912 KB)… OKAY
    writing ‘recovery’… OKAY
    henny@ubuntu:~/Downloads/HTCOneRoot$ sudo ./fastboot-linux erase cache
    erasing ‘cache’… OKAY

    1. Hendrik

      So I’ve tryed the hardreset, it works!
      But now I’ve got another problem, the touchscreen ist not responding in the recoverymode… 😀

      1. Deven

        Did you ever get it working? I was also stuck on the HTC logo at step 31. Everything seemed successful in the cmd. If I hold the power button down, I get the regular power options including kids mode which launches. But the home button doesn’t take me home (although it provides feedback).

        I think my launcher is missing??? But now I can’t restore my phone because I can’t re-enable USB debugging. argh.

  53. tony maas

    Hi – I followed the youTube video all the way and have been fine up to ‘recovery’. When I get to the Teamwin window and hit ‘install’ nothing happens now I’m not sure where I’m at! Some pointers please?

      1. Erik

        I’m also stuck on the TWRP screen that won’t respond to touch.

        Can’t reset the device in any combination of up / down / power button pressing.

        And of course, can’t remove the battery to reset on this one!

        It seems there are loads of us out there with this same problem, so a work-around please?


  54. Eugen

    Hey, thanks for the awesome tips and tutorials!
    I’m with you since SGS II 🙂

    So, as I have an HTC One now, I wonder if you could post a guide on how to convert a Sense One into a Google Play Edition with OTA updates. The guides on web are fragmented /convoluted and your step by step tutorials are way better.



  55. Jake

    I keep getting an error message that reads
    “Jakes-MacBook-Pro-2:HTCOneRoot jaketrachtenberg$ ./fastboot-mac flash recovery openrecovery-twrp-
    ERROR: could not get pipe properties
    sending ‘recovery’ (7916 KB)… OKAY
    writing ‘recovery’… OKAY”

    I dont see what I have down wrong. I dont know what pipe properties are and it wont boot into the recovery.

    1. akhionghuang

      my htc one after unlock bootloader stuck at team win recovery project v2.5.0.0
      then have swipe to unlock,
      but i cant tuch any think,and then cant power off ,
      any one can help?

  56. Pingback: TWRP Stuck HTC one - Android Forums

  57. zayd

    Make sure you uninstall any screen dimming applications. I noticed they conflict with the touch screen. Is twilight, etc.

  58. Bret Mogilefsky

    To those who are running into the unreponsive-to-touch bootloader issue: There’s a newer version of the recovery available. I tried it after I had the same problem, and it works fine. Google for “openrecovery-twrp-”

    1. Erik

      Ok, will report right back… wish me luck.

      I wonder if HTC really care about us using hardware THAT WE PAY FOR, when locking bootloaders etc.

      Tsk, tsk.

  59. talha

    im having trouble at the oem get token part. once i enter that in the command prompt it doesnt find the token, it says oem is not recognized in the system, i was following each step. please help!

  60. Josh

    Hi I have tried to root my htc one but I’m having a problem with the rooting bit, i have unlocked the bootloader transferred the to my phone but when I go into terminal to type in the ./fastboot-mac flash recovery openrecovery-twrp- i get an error saying no such file or directory. If you could help that would be great thanks

      1. josh

        Hi Jake where do I put in the folder in terminal? I haven’t got much experience using terminal.

        Thanks for the help

        1. Jake

          like as the first line say “cd downloads” so it knows where to look and then cd “HTCOneRoot” or whatever the name of the folder is that holds the fastboot drivers. Or that twrp recovery may not be in the folder you selected

            1. josh

              hi again ive got past my error now but now im getting the same error as what you were getting jake the pipe properties one did you end up fixing it?

              1. Jake

                I never found a way to fix it but it never really caused me much trouble. Shortly after I flashed my MoDaCo switch ROM and it worked fine. I’m not sure what it really does but I don’t think its that significant because it didn’t break anything.

                  1. Jake

                    Yeah sometimes it says I don’t have root access and sometimes it does but I think that’s more of a problem with my Roms root package and the way switch works. Before I installed the ROM it worked perfectly

  61. Dan

    Thanks for great videos. I bought and rooted my phone today. Had some trouble mounting the One on Linux, but succeeded when I used a Mac.

    Great work!

  62. MatKo

    Thanks again, Max for showing me how to root!! This will be my second phone that I followed your video and website to root. The first one was SGS2. Now I just need to pick which Custom ROM to install.

  63. pgm_73

    Don’t know what I do wrong, but after entering the backup command, hitting enter… nothing is happening on the phone… Not the backup screen to make the choice.
    It remains at the home screen.
    Any ideas?

  64. Sebes


    I have a problem with my phone, so i need to send it for warranty. How do I get it unrooted and return to stock? I can’t find the correct RUU for my phone (T-MOB101). I made a backup (see step 36). Anyone please help me…

  65. brooks

    i rooted my sprint htc one. everything was fine then i tried to flash a rom now im stuck in the bootloader and my computer wont recognize my phone. to get to recovery i have to reinstall it but the rom still wont flash. and i cant try flashing another rom.????????? can someone help me please

      1. Nilson Minaya

        I everything I could think off but it didn’t my Rom version is 1.39.and other number I try to flash stock rom to it but I still can get it to work I’m frustrated I can get it to work I can’t flash the Rom and it works for a lol but I GET not app at all is completely appless then it turn off and don’t work unto I install another but I can’t get to work at all

  66. newsai

    i get to the Step 26 of your tutorial, after i enter the recovery, my touch screen does not response, i hit install but nothing happens, any helps ?

  67. newsai


    1. Mogul

      I mentioned this above: A newer version of TWRP fixes the no-touch-response-in-recovery problem. I grabbed openrecovery-twrp- and it worked for me.

  68. CABNY

    Does this root work or not???
    If it doesn’t, then take it off this site ASAP until you figure it out!
    Can you at least respond to the people and say if you’re working on a fix?

  69. Kartik

    I have a serious issue.
    i entered into recovery and clicked on install as suggested.
    Then i get a “lock” screen and am unable to unlock TWRP as the touch is not responding when i try to “slide to unlock”
    I tried flashing the recovery to 2.6, but the phone isnt getting detected on my computer. The only error i receive is “waiting for device”.
    All i can see is the locked TWRP screen and my battery slowly draining off.


  70. Martin

    if the touch screen does not work..your only option is to wait for the battery to drain (since you cant take the battery out on the HTC One). Once drained, connect your phone to the charger and the phone will reboot in the normal htc screen. Download the “openrecovery-twrp-” (google it) recovery instead. Run the adb commands and flash this image. and hopefully your recovery is fully functional. Worked for me.

  71. Martin

    if the touch screen does not work when in recovery mode….your only option is to wait for the battery to drain (since you cant take the battery out on the HTC One). Once drained, connect your phone to the charger and the phone will reboot in the normal htc screen. Download the “openrecovery-twrp-” (google it) recovery instead. Run the adb commands and flash this image. and hopefully your recovery is fully functional. Worked for me.

  72. Martin Ossi

    if the touch screen does not work when in recovery mode….your only option is to wait for the battery to drain (since you cant take the battery out on the HTC One). Once drained, connect your phone to the charger and the phone will reboot in the normal htc screen. Download the “openrecovery-twrp-” (google it) recovery instead. Run the adb commands and flash this image. and hopefully your recovery is fully functional. Worked for me.

    1. Kartik

      @Bone: Right at the bottom, next to the “Post Comment” tab, you have a “Manage your subscriptions” link.

      That ought to do it 🙂

  73. Kartik

    Thanks guys!

    Well i didnt get an answer too soon on this forum so i took some help from XDA. I had also tried everything that has been mentioned in the above posts.

    However, learnt a pretty nifty trick. So when my screen couldnt be unlocked in TWRP, All i had to do was to take my phone near a powerful light (My reading lamp) and keep the power button pressed for about 5secs and Voila! It Booted 🙂

    Apparently, it had someting to do with the sensors.

    Hope this tricks helps the others too.


  74. Aryan

    i am having htc one and i had followed every single step for rooting my smartphone but in twrp mode my my device touch is not working. please reply me with a valuable feedback.

    1. Kartik

      So when my screen couldnt be unlocked in TWRP, All i had to do was to take my phone near a powerful light (My reading lamp) and keep the power button pressed for about 5secs and Voila! It Booted 🙂

    2. Morten

      I have the exact same problem, cannot du anything in TWRP, I have to press on/off for 10-15 sec, the it will reboot as normal. I am not able to Root it at all!!

    3. Linfeng Li

      I had the same problem,MY PHONE is bought in Finland, so it should be the international version which is openrecovery-twrp-
      Just fine the right TWRP for your device, you will be fine.

    1. Morten

      Can´t help you Aryan, wan´t to root, but it is always locked in TWRP. Do you get “slide to unlock” in TWRP?? Cannot get past that, f…ing annoying!
      So if anyone can help, PLEASE, feel free to do so!

  75. Kartik

    @Aryan/Morten- Did you guys try this?
    So when my screen couldnt be unlocked in TWRP, All i had to do was to take my phone near a powerful light (My reading lamp) and keep the power button pressed for about 5secs.

    1. Morten

      I am able to re-post, but I am not able do anything in TWRP, no function at all. After a while I get “slide to unlock”. Then I have to press on/off for 10/15 sec to re-boot.

        1. Kartik

          Are you running TWRP 2.5? If yes, then thats the prob

          Download the “openrecovery-twrp-” (google it) recovery instead. That ought to work.

  76. Kartik

    Dont know why, but looks like we cannot publish links in comments.

    Simple: Open google and search for “openrecovery-twrp-”

    Choose the first link which is hosted by dev-host

    1. Morten

      Kartik, you´re the man! work like a charm with TWRP 2.6, tnx alot!! If you were in Norway i would by you a beer! Are you on G+?

      1. Kartik

        That’s awesome man. Happy for you 🙂
        Not on G+ too much but can always reach me on kartikgansh @ gmail com
        I actually reside in India. Just remember me when you raise your next glass.


  77. ori

    thank you very much for the guid
    e i have a problem on step 27. the touch screen just doesn’t work, i can’t push anything .
    i’ve tried step 24 and still doesn’t work.
    hot do i fix this?

  78. Hurricane

    Hey max,

    i like this site and the way how you explain how it works to noobs like me!

    however i rooted my phone and now all of a sudden i need to update Supersu abd says that the SU binary needs to update and when i select okay i need to install it from TWRP or CWM but where can i find the file to update the SU?

    Thnx in advance.

  79. Seyed AmirHosein Tavousi

    Tips for Persian Speakers :
    دوستان اون اول کار یه فایل حدودا 30 مگابایتی هست دانلود کردید داخلش یه فایل زیپ کم حجم هست اونو کامل از زیپ در بیارید و داخل فولدر اصلی مموری بریزید…
    موفق باشید.
    Have Fun.

  80. Aryan

    when i was installing google play coustom rom to my htc one i forgot to create backup of sense 5 and now it is deleted . can any body tell me where to download the original htc one sense 5

    1. Kartik

      Just DL it from XDA.

      There are tonnes of options available.

      I am currently using the ViperOne which is built on the HTC Sense UI.

  81. Owen

    On windows 8, I can’t get the identifier token, when I get to that step, it constantly says waiting for device. What should I do?

  82. hws8

    i don’t have developer options in my settings.. (could be because of android 4.2?) can i still root my htc one eventhough i cant change the usb settings?

  83. Maulik Rawal

    I have rooted the phone successfully, and it’s working great.

    My question is, if the phone is rooted then can i update it to 4.3 as 4.3 is coming for HTC One this month….??

  84. DonThwon

    If Your Stuck Anywhere From Steps 23-26 … Make Sure:

    -All Secuirty Apps Have Been Disabled (Lookout App)
    -USB Debugging Is Enabled (All Options Reverted To Original After You Unlocked Bootloader)
    -DO NOT USE USB 3.0 (This Was My Problem I Researched)
    -Might Not Work With Windows 8

  85. Bryan Karlan

    This doesn’t include Verizon in your description of phones that this process with root. Is that just because the Verizon version is fresh and you just haven’t had time to include it, or is there a reason that this will not work on Verizon? Should I be looking elsewhere?

    1. Brian

      I am also wanting to know if this will work for the Verizon (CDMA) HTC One running stock 4.4.2. Does anyone know?

  86. zontete

    hi max.i would like to know it’s possible to instal a rom on the HTC ONE M7 directly from the fastboot usb with a command on terminal?
    i have uninstall from the TWPR every think without make backup and now when i start my phone he stucks on the HTC first image.

    sorry for my english i’m french. please be my hero help me you are my last chance!!!

  87. chris

    it won’t let me unlock code. not sure why. i double checked to see if i did everything correctly and started over and still nothing. please help

  88. rolf b

    so, i came to step 27 and i’m inthe TWRP.
    Touchscreen is not responding, and when holding in the powerbutton (+volume) the lights on the homebutton blinks.
    othing else happens.
    its a total freeze, cannot reboot phone.
    HEEEEEELP!!!!!!!!!!!!! 🙂

    1. rolf b

      ok, so i had to wait for battery to run out, then i was able to reboot phone. i then went ahead and installed clockworkmod recovery. no problem. omg i was frightened for some hours. lol.

  89. Derek Jones

    Worked perfectly!! Thanks.

    I’m using the HTC One from Sprint, and so I downloaded the latest TWRP, Didn’t have a single issue.

    Awesome job!

  90. Prince

    i am stuck on the touch screen issue when we enter into twrp v2.5.0.0
    nothing responds…nor touch even…
    how to reboot my phone now??
    anyone help please!!

    1. Prince

      yes i do…
      somehow i waited for the battery to drain and i am fixed with the problem..
      followed one comment here and did the same…

  91. Carlos Cruz


    Thank you for the tutorial. Worked like a charm for me. So after I rooted and whatnot I flashed bigxie’s M7 GE 4.3 stock rom then I got an OTA update a few days later. Like a dummy I updated and now I don’t have root access. Any ideas on how to regain root access, if possible? I still have a custom recovery…

  92. Ridhav

    I think you should probably rename the thread, I dont think this work for NOOBS. If i have to check the recovery versions inside your downloads to make sure my phone is not getting dead, its not for NOOBS.

    With 99% battery, I am stuck on this bloody TWRP screen. Without Mobile or wifi radios, this will take a day or die.


  93. Michel

    I ran into two problems but found the solution. I’ll post them here so it can be helpful for others who have the same problem. I did not found the solution myself. I thank the internet.

    Problem 1:
    When trying to ge the identifier token I got the message “Waiting for device”.
    Solution :
    Unlock your screen

    Problem 2:
    After installing TWRP recovery the screen was not responsive. I was unable to select options or to turn off my phone. ” Swipe to Unlock ” did not work because the screen was not responsive.
    Keep holding the powerbutton while keeping your phone lightsensor under a clear light.
    Flash a newer build from TWRP to solve the problem . I used and it worked.

    Thx for the great explanation!!!

  94. kunal

    i have a htc one x+ phone with me and the way you do everything it never ever fails
    so my request to you is that can you pls pls pls help me with the rooting and providing
    me with the roms available for the phone i need them as earlier i was having htc one x
    and i did what was on and it was working


  95. gorthox

    Ok, heres what i have done. I flashed with “openrecovery-twrp-″ and the htc one mini didn’t want to go into recovery, I got “entering recovery” then it went black and booted up the main display.
    So…… i looked around the web and came up with
    where i downloaded “Twrp-” so then i flashed with that file and BINGO! it loaded up recovery screen.
    i was able to complete the remaining steps.
    thank you max for the guides and a thumbs up on the vids.

  96. jaume

    How do i know if my HTC ONE is
    HTC One M7 – AT&T/T-Mobile/International/Unlocked/Developer

    HTC One M7WLS – Sprint

  97. Rudy

    i think this guide will be more complete if it includes step to do nandroid backup before and after flashing custom recovery. Or at least a backup of stock recovery just in case it isn’t available online.

    Other than that, this guide works like a charm

  98. Elias

    i did the whole proccess all the way to the CWM copied. but my phone keeps saying that the settings has stopped and wont let me access the settings menu, i cant go in and uncheck the fastboot option. HELP!!! HTC One (Tmobile)

  99. vali

    On step 8 i can’t go further. Before step 8, my htc on device manager it connect normal. When proceding in fastboot and step 8 on device manager appears an exclamation point on MyHtc and a notification near clock that my usb connection is not proper installed.
    Can you pls help me with a feedback?

  100. RiXx

    Hey everyone,

    SO in my excited state to FINALLY root my M7 I went ahead and followed the directions on the video to the letter. Unfortunately I never thought to look ahead to the most recent comments and used twrp (I am on Sprint). Currently my phone is frozen on the TWRP “swipe to unlock” screen.

    I have help down the power button for minutes on end without any positive results. I keep getting the flashing home and back screens but no reboot

    What can I do from here?


    1. RiXx


      I was able to power off and reboot. Now on the search for the correct TWRP file. If anyone can direct me to the latest one for Sprint I would greatly appreciate it

  101. Jay

    I am getting stuck at step 27 when trying to root my HTC One. When restarting into twrp, I get the twrp screen just as you do, but then the screen becomes unresponsive, I am unable to click install, or anything else, pressing the power button briefly brings up the swipe to unlock, but that wont even work. I have to press the power button for about 10 seconds to completely shut down my phone. After that, I am able to power on as normal, but twrp still will not work.

    I have managed to root other devices in the past so this is not new to me, please could you tell me where I might be going wrong.

    Thank you

    1. RiXx

      You actually need to go all the way back to step 22.

      At step 22 you’re supposed to load super user onto your device but the version in the HTCOneRoot kit is outdated
      I got the latest version off the superuser thread on XDA developers. You will need to remove the old version from your phone for the new one to work. I believe the current version is 1.6ish I’m on mobile
      , can’t verify.

      Now twrp is also outdated in this package. It comes with 2.5 while the current version is 2.6ish (again can’t verify but if you Google it you should find their site and easily figure out what the latest version of twrp is. Download your corresponding version and copy the “.img” file into the HTCOneRoot folder you’ve been working with. Feel free to remove the other three versions that came in the package, you won’t need them. Once that has been done you will be ready to pickup on step 23 just remembered the substitute the name of the new and up to date twrp img file for step 24.

      Other than those two changes then rest of this guide is golden. Good luck!

      1. Happymak

        Hi. I am stuck. My HTC One is having the same problem yours had. It is stuck in the twrp screen.
        I am unable to go back to step 22 since terminal shows “command not found” at step 21.

        Please help me out! haha

      2. Jay

        I actually managed to get passed this part before you left me a reply by updating the TWRP. My phone rooted successfully. However, the outdated SuperSU that I used is now giving my issues in that it wont grant SuperSU access to all of my apps. Will updating the SuperSU app wipe my phone again or will it just update the software?

        Thank you

  102. Bertram Pagh

    Hey everyone
    i just tried to root my htc one m7 (not sprint) but it didnt end well…
    whenever i get into the twrp my phone just gets stuck and wont respond to anything, not even the powerbutton, so i cant turn it off either..
    i have done everything they said in the guide..
    i have tried rooting before on my old galaxy s2
    thanks 🙂

    1. Jay

      I had the same problem as you, was worried I may have bricked my lovely phone. Unplug your USB cable, and hold the power button down, do not let go till it switches off…. It will, trust me

    2. Jay

      Once you have managed to get your phone back and your heart rate back down, you need to get the later versions of TWRP and SuperSU, which are not in the zip file on this page, you should find these on the XDA developers site

      1. Bertram Pagh

        im not quite sure if the power button works or if it just wont do it for i have been sitting with my phone for 5 min. now…
        the only way yet is to wait for the battery to run out

        1. jay

          The next time your phone runs out of power, charge it and boot it up as normal, then go back to the step of installing TWRP and install the later version. I believe I installed version 2.6

            1. adam

              I’ve run in to the same problem- is there anyway to reboot the phone without the battery running out? I’m on 90% battery!!

              1. Jay

                I must stress, I’m no professional of this, I have done it once, following the instructions supplied on this site, and apart from the outdated software, I came across no problems when rooting my HTC One. I know of the TWRP freezing simply because I used the outdated version, and panicked when my phone would not turn off, I guess I’m just one of the lucky ones where it let me eventually power down. Unfortunately, I see no other way to power off the phone other than letting the battery drain or by chance the power button doing as its suppose to. I wish I could help more. It might be an idea for to either stress this at the top of this page, or at least update the download, as it does stress to have a decent amount of charge on your phone before commencing, and thus, failures can only lead to waiting forever for your phone to drain.

                1. adam

                  thanks for the quick reply! I’m guessing theres no way I can update to the correct version of TWRP until I can reboot into fastboot?

                  1. Jay

                    If your phone is anything like mine was, with the added inoperable power button, then I see no other way of putting anything on your phone till you are able to reboot it. I’m guessing holding the power button pressed for up to 30 seconds has not powered down your phone? 30 seconds is long, I had mine pressed for about 15 seconds and it did power down, like a fool, I tried it again to see if the phone had hung and it wasn’t TWRP playing up, and managed to power it down again, the same way, that’s when I decided to look up the answer to the TWRP freezing issue.

  103. Mojo

    Hi, i followed everything and all went well. but after restoring backup all my pics and videos are gone. i have lost valuable pics and also my contacts are gone. please help me

  104. EFRAIM

    hello there went through everything, i did succesfully root my device. my device is on sprint. the only problem that i had was the supersu app did not open. an error pop up “the is no SU binary installed, and SuperSU cannot install it. This is a problem!” i did my research an try flashing the latest SuperSu.Zip into recovery. for some reason it aborts the command of flashing the zip files.

    1. Imisi

      Hey, Efraim.

      Use the SuperSU recovery instead if you’re on 4.3. [ ] Had about the same problem and that solved it.


  105. szabby

    Just wanted to thank you for an excellent tutorial.

    I followed each step and successfully rooted my new HTC One.

    I previously had to ask my nephew to do it for me as I found the whole process a little daunting but your tutorial gave me the confidence to do it.

    Keep up the great work.

  106. Ravi

    Everything works excellent..Good work..Just rooted my HTCOne M7…Thanks Bro…
    I have some issues like after rooting I have tried to change my lock/unlock sounds using root explorer and I thought it will work, but I need to use flash method instead..Same thing for Font changer also..I don’t know why everything needs to be flashed in recovery mode…Do you have any comments on it..Waiting……….

  107. Shreyash

    I worked perfectly well for my friend’s Sprint HTC One phone so I thought of rooting mine.
    But my touch doesn’t work after step 26.
    I don’t see a latest TWRP recovery file for the sprint.
    Any Suggestions?

  108. Houssam

    when I go into recovery the screen freezes and refuses to let me choose anything. the power and volume buttons work. I end up restarting the phone to get out of it. Any solution ?

  109. Houssam

    found a way to update the twrp. download GooManager from google play store then open it choose the option button on the top right corner and click download openrecoverscript

  110. Danni

    hello eveybody all went good til step 26
    i am chosing the recovery push the on\off buttons and its just start the davice i am not gatting to the TWRP page .
    to do this again ????? sombody can help me please ?

  111. Imisi

    Thanx for putting this together. The adb doesn’t seem to work on the 4.3. Keeps giving the “unable to connect to device for backup” on windows pc.

    Any tips on how to get round the backup? Got loads of stuff on the phone I can’t just burn off.


    1. rahul

      the adb is working perfectly for me to creating a backup when i am running on 4.3..
      make sure you follow the instructions properly.

  112. Calvin

    Hi Max ,
    Thanks for your tutorial. I followed your video to have my Sprint HTC ONE (Android ver. 4.1.2) rooted and then I had my wifi tethering installed. Now Android 4.3 is out. I wonder if I successfully UN-ROOT my phone to stock, will I still retain Android ver. 4.1.2, or the phone will be automatically updated to 4.3 after un-rooting?
    If the latter is true, that is, after un-rooting, I do have 4.3.
    Now I will have an unrooted phone with newest Android version 4.3, does your same tutorial still work?

    Anybody’s suggestion and help is appreciated.

      1. Calvin

        Hi Imisi,

        My problem is very different from yours. I am currently on 4.1.2, rooted.
        Since I submitted my post yesterday, I have tried to do unroot back to stock.
        My goal was to do the system update to 4.3 first after the unrooting, and then root again
        using Max’s method here, as the posting specifies this method is good with 4.3.
        My unrooting failed, however using a tutorial by Qbking77. I found out the rom version 1.31.651.2 that
        my phone is in cannot go back to the older rom version 1.29.651.10 that the tutorial provides.
        Someone suggested doing a ‘S-off”on my phone would solve my problem of unrooting , which I successfully completed using another tutorial by Qbking77, though I have not had a chance to try unrooting again after
        S-off. There is one good ‘side’ benefit with the S-off process. I got rid of the annoying ‘Tampered” line on the fastboot screen.

        Now, with regard to your problem. To my understanding, you have an unrooted HTC ONE on 4.3, and you are trying to root it. Someone suggested using a more recent SuperSu-v1.65 instead of the older version CWM-SuperSu-v1.30 found in Max’s tutorial here. My suspicion is that once you
        copy this newer SuperSu to your phone (near the end of this tutorial ), you phone should be rooted.
        I have no proof of this, but my suspicion is not ungrounded. First, someone did suggest that. There is a second reason, please see below.

        As I mentioned earlier, I was not able to complete the UNROOTING of my rooted (but S-on) Sprint HTC ONE
        with Android 4.1.2 due to the fact that my phone’s rom version 1.31.651.2 could not go back to the stock rom 1.29.651.10 provided by Qbking’s tutpial. At that point, my phone’s bootloader showed ‘Relocked’.
        I checked system version, and it was still 4.1.2. So, what should I do at that point. I simply treated it as
        another unrooted phone and went through the rooting procedures in this tutorial. I did a fun experiment
        there. Instead of coping the older CWM-SuperSu-v1.30 zip file to the phone near the end of the process, I copied the newer SuperSu-v1.65 zip file instead. It was a success. My phone is now ‘Unlocked’ again, rooted BUT still with Android 4.1.2. I checked the SuperSu version on my phone, it is 1.65 CONFIRMED.
        My thinking is: Since a newer SuperSu works with an older Android version 4.1.2, why wouldn’t it work with
        a newer Android version 4.3? At least, it is worth a try.

        Here is the link to get that Updated SuperSu-v1.65 zip file:
        Good luck!


  113. akhiong

    hi max, i need help,i forget to check the power then fastboot,so now my htc one stuck at team win recovery project,then have swipe to unlock,but can’t tuch anythink,then can’t power off also,how to fix this?thank you very much

  114. fifi2002

    I have stock rom 4.3 on HTC One International with hboot 1.55 and firmware 3.62.401.1: can I unlock Boot Loader by, then install recovery and root my M7 without S-OFF? I don’t need S-OFF.

  115. Jay

    I have had my HTC One rooted for a few weeks now and had no problems. The Android 4.3 and Htc Sense 5.5 update has been released and Im wanting to do this automatically. I have downloaded this to my phone, but when I try to install it, it reboots my phone into recovery mode. All I know what to do from there is to reboot my phone into system. When I do this, the update is still there for me to run. Each time I try to run this, it reboots into recovery mode. Is there a way I can run the update from my phone the way it should be run, without unrooting my phone?

  116. fritz

    FYI, your linux and Mac links for the video dl are reversed.
    You talk way to fast and don’t have a clear enough screen shot.
    I would suggest adding the full Terminal command written out so that one could copy/paste.
    For some reason, so far, when I enter the Terminal command I get “unknown partition “.
    At 10:51 in your Mac video you instruct to d&d the CWM files to the phone, but you don’t indicate why and what it is for.
    This can’t be more difficult then it was with my HTC Sensation and that was quite easy.

  117. Jay

    Please can someone provide me with a ‘Link to’ or step by step instructions for removing root from my HTC One which I installed following the instructions from the web site.

    Thank you. 🙂

  118. Nelson

    Hi, I need someone’s help!

    I did exactly what is in this post: unlocked the bootloader, flashed a custom recovery (TWRP) and rooted my HTC One.

    The problem is: after all I’ve downloaded OTA 3.62.401.1 (Android 4.3) and, for my surprise, HTC Sense 5.5 is very unstable. I don’t know if it’s due to rooted phone and/or custom recovery process.

    So, my question is: How do I revert to stock recovery and unroot my device as long as I can receive OTA updates and, who knows, solve the instability of Sense 5.5? I must be S-OFF? (My device is S-ON)

    Thanks in advance!

  119. Madalbert

    I’ve managed to do everything correctly on first try.

    The only thing I had to reinstall were the apps that I purchased. I also lost the pictures. Thanks science that I had them saved before.

    Just a thing : I made a backup with htc synch manager before rooting. If I restore that backup will I lose my Root? I lost some pictures saved in another folder ( nothing important tho) that I’d like to restore. Will I be able to do this?

    Thanks in advance

  120. chaoky el sahly

    Hello, i need help please
    i am stuck. I can’t enter into recovery mode. It shows ”enter recovering mode” and then its restart. i tried it over and over. What can i do ? please help. thank you very much Max!

  121. Mohammad Javed

    I’ve backed up my Custom Rom with TWRP – I cant find /data/media/0/TWRP/Backups on my internal storage. How do i access it so i can save the backup on my PC.

  122. Pingback: How To Get S-OFF on HTC One! |

  123. peyman

    Hi Max ,
    I connected my phone to pc and I saw My HTC in device manager but when I open cmd and type command adb unable connet to my phone
    help me pls

  124. Bastian

    Hi, I did this back in June and worked great. Now HTC has an Update and I would like to get it. How do I get the new HTC One update? If I have to revert this, how can I revert what is done here?

    Thanks in advance

  125. Slowmachine

    I made a terrible mistake… I tried to install a custom rom after rooting my device but I did a full wipe including my internal storage. So my rom (.zip) has been wiped too. How can I flash a rom if I haven’t any .zip file on my phone and the phone is not visible in my Ubuntu?

  126. Lieuwe


    First of al thanks for the walk trough for the HTC one.
    I rooted my phone early in Juli and now i tried to update it to the new version 4.4 (kit kat)
    But now my phone is stuck in a boot load, its like he wants to start up, but than it doesn’t, than it is trying to go automatically in recovery but that wont start. The only thing still works is Bootloader.
    When i connect it to my PC it wont be recognized so i cant doe fastboot device / Adb device, this shows no device connected.
    After trying all day i don’t know what to do to get it back to work.

    So if you have an solution i would be very grateful


  127. Lieuwe

    Hey all,

    I already solfed the problem, whit my computer running on windows 8.1 i couldnt get it to reconize.
    So the first thing i tryed the next day was on a school mates pc running windows 8 and it recognized it. So from there on out i cleared cache, reloaded a new boot.img and then i could get the recovery to wordt and then.
    Every thing worked out when i installed the new ADHD skin.


  128. Akhiong

    Hi,anyone can help me?my htc one stuck at htc logo,I try to download all version the ruu rom to flash,but all can’t ,so how to do now?my phone os 2.24.707.1

  129. maria

    New to this, so I need help. I need to update my supersu but I don’t know how to do it. I still have the zip file in my internal drive so when I go to TWRP what do I select to update it? I already downloaded the update but I don’t know where its stored. What do I do help!

  130. Mike

    Hi Max,
    thanks for this great video. I have a problem with the recovery my phone doesn’t enter and I tryed everything so clould you help me.

  131. Mohammad Javed

    Hi Guys,

    After i rooted my HTC One for some weird reason i have lost my secondary HDD. There is no sign of it in BIOS or on my computer. Has anyone come across this sort of problem before? My PC was working flawlessly till i rooted my HTC One and the next day i started up the PC no secondary HDD.

    Any ideas?


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  133. Ty

    When I do adb devices it gives me the sn but says offline. Backup says unable to backup and sending token loops. Any ideas?

  134. Smoky

    My HTC One (ATT) is stalled during the recovery when it reaches

    I am using super su pro and have settings in general permission set to “grant”.

    Please help! My phone will not fully restore.


    1. Smoky

      Got it sorted… did an ab backup import in Titanium of the then the command line restore worked. Still had to collect some apps manually from the play store but that’s no big deal. She’s rooted and running! Thanks!

      1. NAs

        I got the same problem. What I did was to remove my google account (since it synced my contacts earlier) and then adb restore backup.ab

  135. sadiqsamm

    i did copied the tokens. i went to htcdev site to unlock my htc sprint version but discovered my device is not listed. i then checked “all other supported devices” and proceed but to my dismay when asked if i want to procced with the unlock and i clicked “yes” nothing happen. guys help me out. thanks.

  136. karim

    i have htc 801n 4.3
    i do all as you do and i have superuser but when i try to open superuser it say
    “There is no SU binary installed, and SUperSU cannot install it. This is a problem. If you just upgraded to Android 4.3, you need to manually re-root consult the relevant forums for your device!

    what can i do for that please
    thank you MAX

  137. David

    Step 26 : when I select recovery and push the button power, no message with “entering recovery” in pink.
    But a picture of the HTC one with a red triangle with a question mark inside.

    What is it ? How it possible ?

  138. Edwin

    Thanks for a great tutorial. A few specific points I picked up:
    1. My SIM card has a sim lock enabled and that interfered with one of the later reboots (not sure exactly which anymore). I removed the SIM card and then everything went fine.
    2. Had to do the 7 presses on Build Number again to enable developer mode after flashing.
    3. HTC Sync manager interfered with the ADB restore (which hung partway). Exiting HTC sync background process on windows and redoing the restore again went fine.
    Great to have my HTC One rooted, thank you.

  139. Kenney


    Assuming i done everything correctly, the App SuperSU appears, but when i tap on it, the app gives me a message
    (There is no SU binary installed, and SuperSU cannot install it. This is a problem!) and the app force closes. Is this a problem? and can it be fixed?

    Thank you

    1. Robert Arutunian

      Kenney-I had the same issue and relocked bootloader, flash RUU and started from scratch again. The second time all worked fine. Make sure you use the Su1.65 if you are on 4.3.

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  141. kaprichozo21

    good tutorial I did it the way it was explained running 4.3 htc one at&t now rooted and now installing the rom …thanks a lot guys

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  143. mike

    ok max ive never had any problems before but not on win 7 and i got to the cmd and tried to do the apk backup but when i do it says the system cannot find the path specified. what can i do?

  144. Al

    Hi max,
    followed the instructions with no problem but when I check superuser it says there is no su binary installed
    and super user cant install it. don’t know were to go from here.
    any help would be great.

  145. Josh

    When I tried to install the HTC Driver it said that the driver installer was not supported for my operating system, which is Windows 8.1

  146. Josh

    Got it to work but when I click on SuperSU is says “There is no SU binary installed, and SuperSU cannot install it. This is a problem!” What do I do?

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  148. Brandon

    this was pretty easy and simple
    thanks man
    but i have a problem of some sorts
    orginally before i started the process my phones internal memory was almost full but now after i restored only 9 gb is used, should i be worried?

  149. Darek

    And one more thing… Max you mentioned at the end of your video that it’s good thing to back up my ROM after rooting. After I flash back my stock ROM I’ll get rid of root but will I lock back the bootloader so I could get the OTA updates? Thanks for any replies 😉

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  151. John

    abd is not recognized as an internal or external command,

    operable program or batch file,

    fastboot is not recognized as an internal or external command,operable program or batch file,

    then said finished!!!

    Any idea how to fix this ?

  152. Tom

    Thanks, helpful guide which worked on my HTC One (EE/Orange UK – doesn’t invalidate clone phone warranty). I sourced the latest versions of all the files to download but this was easy enough. Had some trouble with drivers but found packaged with Google SDK Toolkit, again easy enough to source.


    Once the process described here is complete the bootloader appears to be left open meaning anyone who finds the phone can just hit power and vol down and access the recovery console and mess around. I think. Is there a way to secure this?

  153. Amirbabak

    I rooted my HTC One using the method you kindly provided and I’d like to thank you for having put together such comprehensive instructions.

    I have now a problem: I intend to unroot and return to stock firmware a (JB 4.3). I couldn’t the same clear instructions for doing so in your blog. in step 36 of the above instructions:
    “Step 36. HTC One stock firmwares are HARD TO FIND. So, my suggestion is to make a backup ROM at this point. That will allow you to easily unroot and restore stock firmware if something goes wrong or you want to take your phone back for warranty. You can do this easily by re-booting into TWRP recovery and selecting “Backup”.

    Would you please advise the instructions to restore/return/unroot my devise considering I have the backup of the firmware.

    Many thanks in advance for your kind assistance.


  154. till

    Hey Max, thanks for the very good & easy to follow instruction. Never worked so much in the command prompt, hehe. Have a nice day & keep up the good work! Till

  155. nikia

    hello – does anyone know if there is a fix for the htc dev error “Error Code: 160.Error Reason: MID Not Allowed.” when I copy and paste my terminal commands into htcdev’s site, i get that error and I can not proceed to root my phone. please help if u can…

  156. kamil

    Hi could anyone please help me please I’ve unlocked boot loader and installed twrp recovery 2630 on my HTC one but when I go into to recovery I cannot install superuse because I cannot see any files there or mount anything any ideas ? Please

  157. Kamil Kacper Szewczyk

    Hi thanks for a suggestion to remove or disable HTC sync . But it’s usless because I’ve made sure that HTC sync is removed . The issue I’m having is basically I power my phone off hold power+vol down to entry boot loader then go down to recovery it says entering recovery…. Everything went as plans till hereI’m stock on step where it says to enter install and select . I click install and I have nothing on the list no folders no files nothing I can only go up a level and see few folders in the system folder cannot find no filles in recovery no zip to install and I clearly have on my internal storag it’s weird right plus to top that up when I want to go to wipe I cannot wipe anything it says fails to wipe and there s a window bellow saying e:unable to mount . Just don’t want to mount anything it’s nothing to do with HTC sync or nothing like tat is anyone else haveing the same issue as I do step 28 see he got loads of folders and zip to install I don’t ?!?! Internal storage it says 0 ? Please help thanks in advance

    1. Kidhar

      I had the same problem and resolved it by placing “” in the folder “/storage/sdcard0/0/TWRP”
      I rebooted into the recovery and was able to see the “” in the “sdcard/TWRP” folder in the recovery tool. It flashed successfully.

      1. Resortera

        I have similar problem. After copy and paste the file into the internal memory. I’m not able to find it in the recovery mode. So I try copy into the folder “/storage/sdcard0/0/TWRP” but is not present in the internal memory..

        Am I missing something?

        Thanks in advance

  158. stan

    i did this whit my htc one v but ut wont let me go in twrp it say’s ‘this build is for development purposes only
    do not distribute outside of htc whitout HTC’s written permission.
    failure to comply may lead to legal action’

    PLEASE help me

  159. Fred

    I have a Verizon HTC One running 4.2.2.

    Can this be rooted on a Mac?

    I want to stay on 4.2.2 and not update to KitKat


  160. mohammed

    i have htc one dual sim when i reach step 24 i don’t know what to write after
    Step 24. Type the following to install recovery:

    For HTC One M7 (AT&T/T-Mobile/International/Unlocked/Developer)

    fastboot flash recovery openrecovery-twrp-

    For HTC One M7WLS (Sprint):

    fastboot flash recovery openrecovery-twrp-

  161. moz

    I’m really impressed with your writing skills
    and also with the layout on your blog. Is this a paid theme or did you
    modify it yourself? Anyway keep up the nice quality writing, it’s rare to see a
    great blog like this one nowadays.

  162. Mike

    When i lunch supersu it says “There is no Binary installed and SuperSU Cannot Iinstall it.” What do i do?

  163. budiman

    hi max i root my htc one dual sim with your tutorial but now i can’t enter recovery mode. i stuck in step 26. please help.

  164. Dan

    Does anyone know how to UNROOT HTC One M7 before I send it in for service?
    Any good guide available please?


  165. xterra

    HI MAX I try to unlock the bootloader on HTC ONE MAX I get the token I submitted and I get error masseges something like mid not allowed and some other error tank you for you help

  166. nick

    Hey so im trying to root my HTC one M7 on my windows 8 Toshiba and once I get to the step to where I back up files for adb in the cmd window and I get this

    *daemon not running. starting it now on port 5037
    *daemon started successfully*
    adb: unable to connect for backup

    anyone know how to fix this?


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  168. Evan

    do you do any unbricking tutorials i have no os anymore and all steps have been followed to the “T”? any help appriciated

  169. Markos

    Hello my friend…Thank you for this usefull guide…I follow it step by step and know I have a rooted device…
    I have a little problem…I can’t find Greek language in my phone…. I can see some apps with Greek language but in Language and Keyboard menu there isn’t !!!!!!! Do you Know what happen???

  170. arsham

    Hello Max
    thank you for your tutorial.
    but would you please teach me how can I unroot my HTC One m7 ?
    thanks in advance….

  171. Karla

    Hi to every body, it’s my first go to see of this webpage; this blog includes remarkable and genuinely good material in favor of readers.

  172. paul

    one of the few rooting tutorials that i can understand and gives clear instructions for mac not just windows. Saved me a lot of effort and time. excellent tutorial

  173. Paul

    When I started, I was able to do the backup. But after the back up and I restart into fastboot everything was in japanese and could not read it. How do I go about this

  174. Dilip

    Dear Max,
    When I’m rooting my HTC One, before restore backup found that ‘Developer Options’ not available in the settings anymore. So I’m unable to restore my data or settings. Please help urgently. Thanks.

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  176. Sam

    Thank you very much for the great guide. I rooted mine following these steps.

    Now I need to flash stock ROM for my phone.
    I wish the guide had told me to create one nandroid BEFORE rooting. (for example after step 27).
    I followed the steps of this guide, and now only have a nandroid AFTER rooting.

    I don’t know if it is technically possible, but if so, it would also be nice to create a backup of stock recovery as well before flashing custom recoveries.

    Rest is amazing. Thanks for your time and effort.

  177. Balaji

    I Did everything, bootloader screen says unlocked and tampered. But wont boot to recovery. I get the white screen with “entering Recovery” Text on it…but then it boots to normal os. Please help

  178. adrian reza

    Hey Max thanks for the guide. I did everything, but something weird happened on my HTC One m7_u. FYI I did rooting from updated 4.4.3 WWE OTA version, my hboot is 1.57, baseband 5.12.707.104, and radio 4T.27.3218.14. After rooting steps, my phone is back to 4.4.2 and I have strange signal reception, I only got 2 bars and not able to make a call but able to receive a call. Do anyone experience with this issue? Thanks in advance.

  179. Sunny

    I Did everything, bootloader screen says unlocked and tampered. But wont boot to recovery. I get the white screen with “entering Recovery” Text on it…but then it boots to normal os. Please help

  180. John

    HI, I rooted my phone with this procedure about a week ago and then I didn’t have time to put the Rom I wanted to use on my phone. I think somehow my phone updated and unrooted itself. I went through the entire process again and I could see my bootloader is still unlocked. However i used 2 different root checker apps and got one yes and one no. Titanium backup says my phone isnt rooted but I wonder if that has something to do with the error notification I get from SuperSU every time I try to open it stating “There is no SU binary installed, and SuperSU cannot install it. This is a problem!” What steps do I need to do now?

  181. Jimmy Sward

    Can somebody help me please? I’m extremely new to this whole process of unlocking the bootloader on my HTC One M7. I have followed the directions on this page very carefully and have been redoing the process for about a day now. No matter how many times I restart the process, I get this same message when I get to Step 4. This is the message I get…

    Last login: Sun Jul 20 09:18:35 on ttys001
    Jamess-MacBook-Air:~ jamessward$ cd downloads
    Jamess-MacBook-Air:downloads jamessward$ cd htconeroot
    Jamess-MacBook-Air:htconeroot jamessward$ chmod 755 *
    Jamess-MacBook-Air:htconeroot jamessward$ ./adb-mac backup -apk -all -f backup.ab
    adb server is out of date. killing…
    * daemon started successfully *
    adb: unable to connect for backup
    Jamess-MacBook-Air:htconeroot jamessward$

    … What does this mean? ADB SERVER IS OUT OF DATE. KILLING…

    Then its unable to connect for backup. Help.

    HTC ONE M7:
    -HTC Sense 6
    -Software Number 5.11.1500.8
    -Kernel Version 4T.27.3218.14_10.33c.1718.01l
    -On Wind mobile carrier in Canada
    -running 4.4.2 KitKat

    MacBook Air:
    -OS X 10.9.4
    -Downloaded and unzipped the htconeroot files into the respected folder.
    -Installed android file transfer.
    -terminal is able to send commands properly.

    Just cannot seem to access the phones memory… please help if you ca

  182. vahid

    nice Tutorial, thanks a lot.
    would you please make same Tutorial for unroot process and came back to stock ?!

  183. Hassan Hallab

    i followed all the steps and after i installed the rom and rebooted i keep getting back to the recovery boot in a loop…. what ever i do i keep getting there. any ideas.?

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  185. mirza


  186. DAvid

    . says unlocked the bootloader. my phone said “unlocked”, then i went and did the rest of the ” stuff you guys say to do” now it says “tampered- unlocked”. And you know what? Sprint is all over the the thing- apps are impossible to remove and its still a sucky little branded phone. i may just try this with a second phone. but if you cant get me away from sprint company network i want nothing else to do with it.

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  188. Mark


    “Before we begin, MAKE A BACKUP of EVERYTHING on your HTC One internal storage by copying the everything to your hard drive! (For Mac, please install Android File Transfer, which will allow you to connect your HTC One as a disk drive.)”

    Make this Step 0.) and put it in RED… leading from this into Step 1 led me to believe that I was now going through the process of backing up my data, which now that I’m at step 32, clearly did NOT.

    I’m pretty proficient with technology, and while the guide is well-written, the lack of distinction between backing up the data and backing up the phone is detrimental to the careless (such as myself).

    Other than that, great guide. Successfully rooted a phone for the first time! Thanks – Mark

  189. Lian


    I struggled for hours trying to work out why this wouldn’t work in my case. I would try back up but get the message that ADB couldn’t connect. I tried every suggestion I could find on the net. Until I started using my own initiative.

    The problem in my case – and quite possibly yours too – is that the version of ADB included with the download from this site is out of date, so if your phone has a newer version of android it won’t connect.
    FIRSTLY – Go and download the Android SDK from the android website. Google it if you can’t find it.
    In the SDK will be the latest version of ADB – it will be in a folder called ‘platform-tools’.
    Mac users can then substitute this version of ADB for the one in the original download… To keep the original instructions consistent:
    1. Delete ‘adb-mac’ in the original download
    2. Copy the new adb file from the android SDK to the original download file and rename it ‘adb-mac’ like the original.
    3. Make sure to disconnect and reconnect the phone, and be sure that USB debugging is enabled.
    4. To check that the adb can see the phone, change to the adb directory (if you followed the instructions above type ‘cd /Downloads/HTCOneRoot’) and type ‘./adb-mac devices’ – it should show up and NOT say “offline”.
    5. You can now go through the original instructions as normal and use the backup command ‘./adb-mac backup -apk -all -f backup.ab’ and have it actually work! WOOHOO!

    1. Oisin

      Lian thank you! This has helped me out! People like you who come to places to share this information are great people I’ve spent hours looking for the answer I really appreciate the help!

  190. Arka

    Hi Max,

    I did everything until the last part where my TWRP (2.5) screen is not responding to touch. And the bootloader is showing “Tampered- unlocked” on the start screen. The device is not rooted yet. How can I lock the bootloader and go back to the previous unrooted version again?


  191. mathew

    I am stuck after 26th step after recovery. It says Unlocked but when i hit recovery nothing happens. Can you please help. I bought the HTC One M8 from Dubai. Please help

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  194. Son

    In Step 36. HTC One stock firmwares are HARD TO FIND. So, my suggestion is to make a backup ROM at this point. That will allow you to easily unroot and restore stock firmware if something goes wrong or you want to take your phone back for warranty.
    I’m understanding that step 36 is final step, backup ROM after successful ROOT. It mean i’m backup ROOTed ROM. So how could i use the backup file when i want to unroot.

    And how to keep backup file separately with my phone in case it’s damaged?

    P/S could u answer via my email?

  195. Fraps download

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  197. Pas_

    I have HTC one Dual SIM.
    After fastboot -c -w flash recovery openrecovery-twrp- (that’s one of combination, the clue is point where i’m)
    and erasing, no erasing cache… all i can see is black screen after choosing recovery mod.
    Any suggestion ?

  198. Aakash

    Hi Max, many thanks for your video.
    I need little more of your help, I have htc one M7 and it is on 4.3.3. I tried unlocking bootloader as shown in your video doing “fastboot flash unlocktoken Unlock_code.bin” even though it says successfull on commant prompt but nothing happens on my device. It is connected to the laptop but it stays on the same page. It does not give me an option to unlock I thought lets just ignore and follow rest of the all went fine afterwards and i installed when I am trying to open superSU it says “there is no SU binary installed, SuperSU cannot install it. This is a problem!
    Please help, I really dont have any idea about what should I do now.

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  201. Skeeny

    Hey there, will this work on a HTC ONE (M7) from O2? And if it has kitkat 4.4.3 version, won’t I have to downgrade it?

  202. Rachele

    Thank you!! My first time trying anything needing any sort of technological know how as I am a technological bummy.Your instructions are so easy to understand and I was able to easily do whatever it was I just did (my technological genius father wanted me to try it for him to help him out). Thank you….. I may be on to something here… HA!! Thank you again.

  203. Eliot

    Gracias, Muy fácil de realizar el acceso root, funcionó de maravilla en mi HTC one m7 “Sprint”, versión android 4.4.2 sense 6, todo OK. Muchas Gracias!!!

  204. roberto


    I follow these steps carefully and the result was ok; until when I run for the first time the SuperSu App and this ask me to binary upgrade, I accept and apply the upgrade and after that and next reboot of my device this begin under unexpected loop reboot. This bad behavior the only way I could stop was flash again this app (with original and never more upgrade it binary.

    Actually my device have the boot loader unlocked but is not rooted I think, for this app SuperSU issue. My goal is flash a new rom with Android 4.4 and HTC Sense 6 for resolve the network sharing (hotspot wifi and usb tethering).

    Device: HTC One (M7) AT&T International Unlocked.
    OS: Android 4.3 Sense 5.0

    Thanks a lot in advance for your answer and suggest for reach my goal.

  205. wum

    i need the instructional video on how to root htc one kindly send to my email or post the link in the reply box…the ones uo here isnt downloading….thanks

  206. Prashant Sharma

    I have sucessfully rooted my htc one m7 through this method.
    but now i m facing problem in the binary upadate, Everytime i open the SuperSu a pop up window comes up with comment” SU binary needs to be update”
    Then it shows two options-
    1) If phone is having TWRP or CWM
    Problem – I’m having TWRP, so when I click on this nothing happens.

    2) Normal –
    However when i go for this one, Phone restarts and still no update at all in the binaries.
    Please help me out

  207. hao

    I did up to step 26 and my phone is in TWRP recovery. But i can’t find in the cellphone. I did copy to my phone.
    How do I find the ?
    Thank you.

    1. Hao

      The problem was fixed.
      I used another recovery file instead of those two. The file name is recovery-clockwork-touch- My Android version is 4.1.2.

  208. Shterna

    Hey, I have a Sprint Htc one M7 and I have spent countless hours trying to get this rooting done successfully. I got the bootloader unlocked, but the rooting refuses to work. No answers anywhere online. The error shows up as:

    target reported max download size of 1514139648 bytes
    error: cannot load ‘openrecovery-twrp-’: No error

    I have tried different variations and updates and nothing works. Any help would be greatly appreciated !

  209. Mario

    Molto precisi e metodici.
    Seguono passo passo ogni operazione.
    Per eseguire il root con questa guida bisogna già avere un minimo di esperienza e soprattutto saper fare “2 + 2 mentalmente” sapendosi giostrare col proprio bagaglio culturale.

    Ottimo lavoro!
    Grazie a tutti!

  210. Scott

    I do appreciate your tutorials here, very much. I must tell people who read down this far, that there are updated programs to use for this process which I didnt see mentioned here. I have spent a lot of time trying to get it all figured out why certain roms wouldn’t flash. Need an updated TWRP recovery, which I found on your page about the Liquid Smooth ROM. Anyways, thanks, and wish it was easier……

    I dont think Ill bother rooting my next phone

  211. gremlin

    Unlocking M7, great video and tutorial by the way, seems to be stuck at – sending ‘unlocktoken’
    How long does the sending usually take? I haven’t touched anything yet, don’t want to interrupt it if it’s actually still working. And what are my options at this point if it did lock up? Recoverable a and start fresh? Windows xp unlock… thanks

  212. Austin Hendrickson

    i am getting stuck on step 26 where when i open recovery it just ends up booting up or getting stuck into a boot cycle where it does not boot up at all. i thought maybe a had the m4 version and to download the updated twrp download so i did and it is doing the same thing and i cannot get into the recovery at all? please help thank you.

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  214. Headrush

    HTC One Mini – Works!! 🙂

    Thank you so much guys.. After spending what seems like 2 whole days trying to root my phone using other internet guides, yours worked just like that! Admittedly I did gain quite a lot of experience using Fastboot and adb along on the way which made following your guide a lot easier but I never expected it to work 😀 You guys are awesome, saved in my favs 😉

  215. mostafa

    Step 21. Go to your phone and choose “Yes” using Volume Up button then hit the Power button. Your HTC One will reboot in about 5 seconds.
    *MY WIN = WIN7 64BIT

  216. jimmy

    followed the guide and it works! however, after restoring my data using adb, htc notes does not come back, and whatsapp is no where to be seen, any help? need those data

  217. Roy

    I have problems with the step making the adb backup. it says adb is not recognized. so I skipped that backup. but then when I type in the command for the identifier token. it says fastboot isn’t recognized as an internal or external command, operable program or batch file. Have been going over all the previous steps over and over.

  218. Austin D

    I went through all the instructions without encountering any obvious errors or problems. when I got to the last step and tried opening SuperSU it wouldn’t open properly and said there is no binary SU instaled and that i may need to Re-root. also i downloaded a root checker app and it says my phone has not been properly rooted.

    at this point im assuming it would be best to re root my phone, does anyone know if i need to unlock my bootloader again ??? or should i continue with the other steps?

  219. Jay

    I’ve done every step correctly, and everything goes smoothly up to when the phone says going into recovery. Instead of going the the install thing it just boots the phone back up like normal…please help!

  220. Jeffrey

    Thanks a lot for the clear manual.
    I’m used to the 1-button-click jailbreak from the iphone so all these steps almost got me crazy, but I followed all these steps and it went quite well.
    The only disbenefit, is that I was assuming that this HTC Sync Manager that came with my HTC One would create a backup from everything, but after experiencing it and reading it more clearly, it was obvious that my apps wouldn’t be made a backup of.
    That’s just my bad, but oh well, at least my device is rooted now!


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  222. Lordian

    Hi, i followed all the steps as you suggested, but when i got the unlock code from HTCdev and runned it from cmd, the black screen doestn appear, i mean my cellphone stayed on bootloader screen, what do you think could be the problem?

  223. jeffery kelley

    I am stuck on step 24 when I enter the cmd it just sais “sending ‘recovery’ (8634 KB)…” and nothing happens. Any ideas?

  224. Tonio

    I rooted my HTC M7 (Android 4.4.3) 3 months ago (TWRP v2.6.3.0).
    Now my phone give me the possibility to update the OS (to Android 5.0.2).I ask my self if I can do this update without loosing my root.
    Thanks to take soir time for me and I apologize for my english.

    1. Peter


      Is it currently possible to root 5.0.2? If anyone knows please provide a link to a step-by-step guide if possible.

      Thank You

  225. Tater

    I’ve followed all the instructions. I’ve unlocked the bootloader. I’ve flashed the custom recovery. When I try to open recovery, I even get the “entering recovery…” but recovery does not open. It just reboots the phone normally. As best as I can tell, I’ve done everything I need to do and could root the phone except for the fact that I can’t get the phone to boot into recovery. This is very frustrating.

  226. Gabriel

    Hello Max,

    I have an HTC One with the software version 6.16.651. I followed the tutorial and there were no obvious errors until I checked whether or not it was rooted with a root checker and it said it wasn’t rooted. I used the cwa… File the first time, I then tried re-doing everything with the update version and I’m still getting the same error message telling me that my phone is not rooted and I’m getting a message saying supersu stopped working.

    Any suggestions as to what I can do to fix this so I can root my phone?

    Thank you for all your help.

  227. Wallie Weaver

    Thanks! Reading the comments I was very worried about following through with this…but I followed all the steps exactly (both video and Text) for my HTC One Mini, and it worked in roughly the same time as the video took! x)
    Have some awesome, kind sir.

  228. Lumalift

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  229. arosh110

    “Step 26. Choose “Recovery” and hit the Power button.”

    i cant move 27th step, when im select recovery option, my htc going to restart. help me

  230. Tony Cheetham

    Just wanted to say thank you for the very detailed guide. I appreciate the effort you have put in to help everyone out.

  231. guillaume

    Thank you very much for this great tuto. I had serch how to do before but it’s never worked but with your tuto I hadn’t any proble. thank’s! (sorry foor my bad english I’m french) 🙂

  232. samantha

    i have a htc one m7 sprint, when i flash super su in recovery phone wont boot up. i tried v1.65 it worked but su app didnt work, tried v2.40 snd it wont boot up, stuck on htc one white screen. whats the problem??

  233. Arnab

    Any one of here can help my friend. Recently that friend tried to upgrade to lollipop version without rooting his htc one m7. Might have mistakenly pressed something and the divice is completely unusable. Although The fastboot is accesible but it is showing locked. And thus entering into recovery mode is restricted. Since its brought from grey market at cheaper price so it cannot be produced at cares. Is there any way of unlocking bootloader without access to settings.

    His fastboot screen shows following parameter.

    *** LOCKED ***
    CID- 11111111
    QSC- 12372. 17. 18. 0432
    eMMC–boot 2048MB
    May 12 2014 , 19:59:54. 23766


    to previous item
    to next item
    to select item


    So whoever knows if this can be fixed with some procedure plz reply me.

  234. Don

    My phone is HTC One M7 running HTC Sense, Android 5.0.2. This is my first ever attempt to root it. Now my phone can’t boot.

    1) I followed the steps and manged to install After reboot, SuperSU and its name icon didn’t show correctly, so I tapped on it to run and received error message saying SuperSu does not function properly.

    2) So I guessed the version of SuperSu might be old and I tried with Same thing happened.

    3) Then I tried to install the latest and my phone can’t boot up anymore

    4) When pressing power button to boot up, it shows the normal white greeting screen with “HTC” and “Power by android”. Then it goes black and seems doing something but never returns. So I tried to turn it on many times, but nothing happened

    5) Tried to install again and again, even wiping cache/dalvik with no avail.

    Current situation:
    1) I can go to twrp recovery
    2) There are and in its memory now (I stupidly delete the other SuperSu zip)
    3) I think fastboot still can talk to it

    Is there a slimmest hope in reviving my phone? I would really appreciate if you can help me.

    1. Don

      Seems I made it worse. I install the kernel Now every time it boots into recovery which is twrp. So I think I bricked it.

      1. Shawn

        I have the same issue looking to resolve if I do I will let you know how.

        I think it’s because the SU 2.46 isn’t compatible unless you upgrade Android first.

        Just testing a few things out now.

        1. Dan

          Shawn, did you ever find a fix for this? I am having the same issue. I flashed a newer SuperSU and now it always boots to recovery. Thanks.

  235. Rauf

    HI I have followed every instruction and at the end I see the SuperSU but it dosnt look the same as yours and when I click on it it says ‘There is no SU binary installed and SuperSU cannot install it. This is a problem! If you just upgraded to Android 5.0 you need to manually re-root consult the relevant forums for your device’

  236. promotor

    Can someone please help me with my problem?

    i was able to follow all the steps in rooting my htc one m7 (sense 6 and lollipop 5.0.2). However, when i try to install cwm_supersu_v1.30, suoersu keeps on stopping (an error appears whenever i try to open super su). So i tried to download another version of supersu (2.46). But my phone end up soft bricked.

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  238. ziarozo

    hello max,
    i had problem with superSU.
    it said “there is no SU binary installed, and superSU cannot install it. This is a problem!”
    whats that??

    1. donjoe

      I had that too on Ubuntu after I connected via MTP to copy the zip file to the phone. For me the solution was to restart Ubuntu (the PC) and then try again. Others say for Windows you should reinstall the ADB drivers or something like that.

  239. donjoe

    Method seems very outdated. After everything finished and I rebooted SuperSU would always crash with “… has stopped working unexpectedly”. Then I applied the DroidViews fix of going to recovery to flash the newest (which for me was v2.46) and now my ROM won’t boot at all. I only get the HTC boot screen and then a black screen with some constant low-key backlight on. But fortunately I can still get to the bootloader and the TWRP so now I can at least try to flash some other ROM.

    1. donjoe

      Got it back. The problem is the version of TWRP used here is outdated. You need to look for the latest TWRP to get this to work smoothly. I was able to install CM12.1 + GApps after I flashed the latest TWRP and used it to Factory Reset + Format Data.

  240. Albert

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  242. Neil D'cruze

    Hey I am thinking of rooting my HTC One M7 which has lollipop 5.0.2 so is SUPER SU 1.65 good for 5.0.2 if no then what shall i do?

  243. Alephba

    Hi first thank you for this post.
    I 2 years looking for root my htcone mini in interenet but i cant root.
    Last night i root my fuckin htc one mini but today my phone some time turn off and turn on !!whats problem?

  244. Joann

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  245. Lucro

    Thank you very much. this is my first root. this is the easiest way ever to root a htc with no complications.

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  250. Aldo

    Hi. I’ve tried to root my HTCone M7 using your method and everything was fine, but SuperSu 1.30 didn’t work so I decided to install 2.76Update….and f…ck!!!! My phone turns on for a few then turns off….and nothing more!!!! How can I do tu uninstall this update????? My Mac doesn’t recognize my phone anymore!!! Please help me

  251. Patric

    I followed the steps to the letter, and my HTC wil not boot into the OS. only to the TWRP screen. Rebooting dose not help, recovery dose not enter the OS and so on… Need some help please.

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  253. ets2 mods

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  254. Jean

    Please help:

    When entering in FASTBOOT USB mode,

    # fastboot flash unlocktoken Unlock_code.bin

    I have nothing happing on my phone, though I recieve a positive message on my terminal:

    # fastboot flash unlocktoken Unlock_code.bin
    target reported max download size of 1514139648 bytes
    sending ‘unlocktoken’ (0 KB)…
    OKAY [ 0.141s]
    writing ‘unlocktoken’…
    (bootloader) unlock token check successfully
    OKAY [ 0.004s]
    finished. total time: 0.145s

  255. Darco

    This simply is THE BEST tutorial on this available on the web.
    BUT I need one for the HTC 620 which seems to be impossible to find, and if you do everyone is going different directions.. So right now I’m stuck between unlocked bootloader with S-ON and according to ROM Manager installed TWRP (or CWM) but can’t get to their recovery screen (and rebooting to recovery with ROM Manager won’t work, tells me it doesn’t have the rights)…

    If anyone could give me a clean and working way to root the HTC 620 and flash a custom recovery onto it, I’d f*cking pay for that.


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