Android 4.4 KitKat ROM + Root for HTC One!

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For those of you who have been waiting for Android 4.4 KitKat, it’s here already in the form of a custom ROM.  A ported version, the Android 4.4 KitKat ROM brings you the latest Android 4.4 KitKat for those of you with an AT&T, T-Mobile, Unlocked, or International HTC One.

With latest Android 4.4 KitKat, you will get a ton of new goodies like Cloud Printing, “Okay Google” commands with Google Now, wallpapers, and much much more.

Google Play Edition based on Android 4.4 should be here in the next few weeks/months but this ported version is actually pretty darn good as everything including camera, data, phone, and bluetooth are working out of the box.  I don’t imagine the official version being that much better.  That being said, I do highly recommend this beta custom ROM as daily driver.

Check out our Top 10 Features on Android 4.4 KitKat to see some of the major features added:

If you are seeking to experience Android 4.4 KitKat today, definitely take a test drive over the week(end) and do let me know what you think!


Download Android 4.4 KitKat ROM for HTC One (for all AT&T, T-Mobile, International, and Unlocked HTC One)

Download Android 4.4 Gapps (DO NOT USE OLDER 4.3 Gapps you will FC!!!)

Download SuperSU 1.65 (You need to install this to get FULL root)

IMPORTANT: To install, install ROM Manager app from Play Store and update to the latest CWM recovery.  DO NOT USE TWRP!!!  (If you don’t know how to do this, watch the latter part of the video.)

Then, reboot into recovery, make backup ROM, wipe data/factory reset, install ROM, install Gapps, install SuperSU, and reboot.   (If for some reason you end up in a bootloop, reboot into recovery, go to Advanced Wipe for TWRP or Mounts & Storage for CWM, format/wipe /system, then re-install ROM.)

Download Flash Player APK (if you want flash player use with Dolphin/Boat browser)

DownloadAndroid 4.3 PhotoSphere (if you want photosphere, but may force close so make a backup of your Gallery app using Titanium Backup app before installing!  )

If you want to run your apps in tablet/hybrid/custom DPI mode, see our Xposed App Settings guide.

If you want PIE Controls, see our LMT Pie Control guide.

If you want some awesome audio, check out Viper4Audio FX MOD, which you can install on this ROM to enhance your music 100%.

Credits – rootzwiki <— Please donate to the developer or hit Thanks button on Rootzwiki if you like it, thx!

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You will need a rooted HTC One to install all ROM/kernels.

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Please see our HTC One Root FAQ FIRST!!!

162 thoughts on “Android 4.4 KitKat ROM + Root for HTC One!

      1. Ken

        Awesome, just what i needed. I appreciate the fast response. You are my always my first choice for info, rooting, and stuff. I followed you with my one x too! I’ll try the script fix and get back to you. Thanks again!

      2. Johanan Sen

        I’m having the same problem, “Warning: no_file_context”.

        Sorry if this seems silly, but I’m also having trouble updating CWM. I’ve got the latest version from Google Play, which is I know that is available on the website and have downloaded the .img file for the version, just can’t find a way to install it. I’ve tried and failed to update ROM Manager (via a within-the-app download) to (.3 isn’t available).

        I’m hoping you can help me.

      3. Kevin

        How do i update to lastest clockworkmod recovery. I downloaded img file for but am lost from here.
        Thanks in adance for your help.

      4. Rogier

        Could you please make an extensive video for how to unroot my htc one m7. as a newb i could use the step by step so i don’t accidentally brick it. i rooted it thanks to this website and found it super easy. please and thank you

      1. tom messmer

        I did update to latest CWM. I don’t seem to be able to mount the phone now… any thoughts? Im kind of a newbie so please forgive my freaking out here.

      2. Ken

        I tried the script fix, but it didn’t work. I tried removing the first part, but it wasn’t the same as the tutorial showed. tried it 3 times.

  1. tom messmer

    OK. I’m getting Warning: no file_context set_metadata_recursive: some changes failed
    E:Error in /sdcard/0/Download/
    (Status 7)
    Installation aborted
    No files found.

    1. Kim

      OK. I’m getting Warning: no file_context set_metadata_recursive: some changes failed
      E:Error in /sdcard/0/Download/

  2. Ken

    Guys, if you have a back up of your rom which Max, ALWAYS says to do, boot your phone into fastboot and flash twrp back on. Then I restored the back up. I am running the script fix that he posted and i will let you know if this fixes the “status 7” issue.

  3. Adrien


    Can u please help me, i’m stock on the fastboot mode or on the recovery mode, I just want my phone works again. How can i flash a new rom

    Thanks a lot

      1. tom

        I finally got the correct CWM and I’m in like Flynn. The default install is an earlier version, as pointed out elsewhere on this thread. Looks good!

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    Here are what I have found so far. I am a newbie to this, so please let me know if there is a fix.
    1. No maps cards in Google Now. Seems like it doesn’t know my location.
    2. If I click the my location spot in maps it says “Waiting for Location” but nothing happens.
    3. When playing audio over Bluetooth there is a faint background popping/static sound.
    4. When using CWM, make sure it is latest and you have HTC One AT&T showing as device not just HTC One. This got rid of the status 7 error and let me install kitkat. (If you are on AT&T).

    1. Nikolas

      Map cards aren’t working for me either. Netflix cannot play videos properly. Chrome and Snapchat constantly crash. Music sounds like shit through the speakers, but just fine with headphones. Other than that, everything runs perfectly.

  6. CJ

    bro plz help me. i changed my recovery from twrp to latest clockworkmod recovery then i installed the zip file it showed status error. now im not able to use my phone!!!!! it rebooting into recovery no matter how many times i try to reboot plz help

    1. Ken Everson

      I flashed twrp back on because I have my Rom backed up in twrp as well. I used fastboot to flash it back. Then I restored my backup.

  7. CJ

    @Ken Everson, i restored my rom thanks to u bro, now its working fine thanks alot bro, im truly indebted to u. thanx again

    1. Ken

      Cool man, glad to help. I still wanna get KitKat running, but not sure what to try next. I love Max’s Roms and tutorials, still a fan. But I just can’t get this one to work.

      1. ScorpionHD

        @Ken Everson
        I went into Rom Manager and found CWM for HTC One ATT m7, that allowed me to flash KitKat no problem. Loving it right now dont even miss the blink feed or Sense.

    1. Hayden Smith

      You don’t, you’ll have to wait until a ROM of Sense with android 4.4 is released (probably not until around the time the OTA is ready)

  8. Yos

    Is anyone else having bluetooth headset troubles? I am having where my headset gain is very loud, callers are hanging up.

    1. M0S

      Yes! My jawbone is rendered useless. Callers are complaining of not being able to hear anything but interference. Something that wasn’t an issue before flashing this ROM. Also Netflix hasn’t been working the same. The videos are scrambled. Any fix for this?

  9. Raj

    Hi all,
    Everything working like a charm , but my hardware buttons doesn’t seem to be glowing but its they are working when I touch them. Is there any fix for them?

  10. Soadtoxi

    Guys i think i got it! The main issue is u all got cwm and u need 6.0.4 version wich is up for m7att but not for just m7. so go into update and dont chose m7 just click on 3 dots in the right corner pick chose frome all devices and then pick htc one from at&t and update :). And u rdy to go

  11. JMO

    I’m having data issues, as well as the no light on the home and back button. Anybody have an idea about the no data, I’m on t-mobile and when i toggle airplane mode on and off I receive data for about twenty seconds then nothing.

    1. JMO

      Never mind on the data issue, I had to go into phone testing mode and change the network to WCDMA Preferred. I guess this 4.4 ROM doesn’t support LTE?

  12. Savio Dantes

    I just flashed using TWRP. Follow these instructions to do it using TWRP and Titanium Back-up
    1.) Back-up your ROM (You should always do this)
    2.) Back up your APP, Browser, Call Log, and SMS data using Titanium back up.

    3 .) Check that you have the latest TWRP Recovery installed (currently )
    4.) Boot into recovery and Choose Wipe > Advanced Wipe>
    5.) Select the following items: Dalvik Cache, Cache, Data, System
    6.) Swipe to Wipe it.

    7.) Choose Home > Install \
    8.) Add your items in the following order: ROM, GAPPs, and
    9.) When complete choose the option: ” Wipe Cache/Dalvik” and perform this several times (incase of artifact data)
    10.) Reboot Phone, skip setup features and go straight to Super User App.
    11.) If it worked you’ll recieve no error, if you recieve an error, go back to step 3 and start again.

  13. David ALex Dossenback


    When you go to rom manger it does not install the latest ClockMod! I had to manually Clockmod Recovery using ADB!

    1. Android

      I used Rom Manager to install as well! That might explain why I got Error 7. If this is able to fix my issue, then many thanks to you, awesome stranger.

  14. D

    I am running CWM and didn’t know that I had to upgrade to I got the system 7 error. My ROM backup is in the TWRP directory. How can I restore from that directory in CWM? When I try to restore in CWM, it looks for a file in the default directory, but I need to restore from the TWRP directory. Please help.

    1. Savio Dantes


      TWRP and CWM read their backups differently.
      You will need to reinstall TWRP (ADB), then Restore your ROM.
      Once original ROM is restored, boot into Recovery and install CWM, then back up using CWM
      Perform the aforementioned steps listed by Max to complete.

      Let me know if this does not work, there are several other ways to accomplish what you are looking for .

      1. D

        I forgot to mention that I’m currently stuck in CWM. I did a wipe and factory reset and it automatically goes into recovery mode everything I reboot the system.

        1. Savio Dantes

          Hold the Power Button down on the device for 15 seconds (Hard reset)
          The Back and Home keys will flash prior to restart.
          Once the screen goes black, hold only the volume down key
          You are not in bootloader menu.

          1. D

            I got TWRP reinstalled using fast boot, but for some reason, TWRP doesn’t see my previous backup. I also have the file on my mac. Is there a way for me to transfer that file back onto my HTC one?

            1. David Alex Dossenback

              Yes you can! Go YouTube and look up how to root the HTC One using Mac it shows how to use the Terminal to send it go the phone

  15. adam

    Is anyone else having trouble with Google location services? I have all location settings enabled but Google Now just shows “get location basd cards” which prompts me to my location settings, which are enabled. I can get cards to show if I open up maps, but maps takes a while to find my location. I’ve reset play services, Google search and I’m out of ideas. Any one having the same problem? Any idea on a fix?

        1. Savio Dantes

          Flash GAPPS, Wipe Dalvik and Cache a few times.
          If that doesn’t work flash ROM and GAPPs again. Remember to always wipe GAPPs a few times after flashing.

            1. adam

              No luck with reflashing gapps. Searching round it seems like a common issue, probably caused by incompatible 4.3 binaries conflicting with 4.4.

  16. Ken Le

    I got stuck on boot screen, can’t even turn off the phone by holding down the power button. Could you help me out of this? Mine is HTC One At&t unlocked.

  17. steve

    I installed the 4.4 Kit Kat and it works great. My problem is with the LMT launcher. I have downloaded the latest version from xda developers website. I have installed several times and everything appears successful except I can never get it to appear on screen. The pie controls, the isas swipes nothing.
    Has any got this to work with Android 4.4 yet?

  18. Sudhir

    I flashed this ROM on HTC One international version. Everything is fine except below mentioned issues:

    1) Data connection is lost when phone is in idle mode for some time. Had to turn on and off airplane mode to get data connection back. Same is the issue when out of WIFI range. Data connection was not restored automatically.

    2) Google Now always displays ‘Get location-based cards’ card. Earlier I used to get route and estimated travel time cards to various location, but after installing 4.4, those are not displayed anymore.

    Any idea how to resolve these issues.

  19. Savio Dantes

    Okay, Rule of thumb for MOST post ROM flashing issues:

    If the issue is related to an app that is part of Google’s suite of applications, reflash GAPPS. In all other cases either reflash ROM, or wait for an update.

  20. Heather

    It seems u actually fully understand plenty pertaining to this specific issue and that shows thru this amazing posting,
    titled “Android 4.4 KitKat ROM + Root for
    HTC One! |”. Many thanks -Elana

  21. Savio Dantes

    Thanks Elena,
    I’ve been flashing and recovering bricked devices for a few years now. I’ve even proved to quite a few people why they should stick with Android instead of Apple (and vice versa for some) .

    That being said, the best way to deal with most android issues is to start treating these devices like what they are, small Linux based computers. My best advice is the same I tell my married friends: “Not out with the old and in with the new, but rather Everything in its’ right place”.

  22. Obisonic

    Hello Max,
    Will Unlocked HTC One “Sprint” work with this Rom: Download Android 4.4 KitKat ROM for HTC One (for all AT&T, T-Mobile, International, and Unlocked HTC One)?

  23. Cesc Henry

    To me works great, I just flashed the CWM latest update
    then flashed rom, Gapps and UpdateSuperSU it works like charm.
    I think i will stick on here for while because i like the look of camera plus i don’t see the pink colors when i take photos on low light.
    thanks MAX

  24. Paul Antill

    Tried to do the Flash. Get the error of no file contexts found like others. I however don’t have a backup rom, only the three files you had us put on it. What should I do? Appreciate the help.

    1. Savio Dantes

      I listed the steps to flash recovery via fast boot, find the latest CWM, and follow those steps then reinstall ROM + GAPPS

        1. samuel

          thank you i have my phone back again but im afraid to flash another rom on my htc one since was stuck on the bootloader but thank your for your videos!

  25. CJ

    Go to d recovery mode then press restore. Even if u don’t have a backup, I’m pretty sure there will be a backup file just restore it n ur phone will boot up with its previous ROM.

  26. CJ

    If ur getting a status 7 error then plz install d latest clockworkmod recovery v6.0.4.3. I’d suggest u to download d touch version of clockworkmod. Which u can flash with d help of an app on google called ROM installer.

  27. vovanatb

    I also had “no content error” but that’s because I downloaded the file from the phone, and it didn’t finish downloading, that’s why the file was corrupted, after downloading from computer, everything was fine, I installed the Kit Kat, but its far from being useble, location don’t work, and most important, I installed gapps and super user, but I don’t have the phone app, messaging app, I can’t use my phone to call people, so I went back to cianogen mod, anyone knows why I don’t have those apps?

    1. Savio Dantes


      Sounds like you have Data Artifact issues.
      Reflash ROM + GAPPs, after flashing wipe both “CACHE” and “DALVIK-CACHE” several times. Issue should be gone.

      Besure you’ve done both a DATA WIPE and SYSTEM. prior to flashing.

    1. admin Post author

      Android 4.4 is NOT COMPATIBLE with TWRP as said on this page, please use CWM, you can update to latest using ROM Manager.

  28. Mcmorgan

    Please can anyone help me? I flashed my phone and lost all stored ROMs and Backups.
    Cant use my phone as is telling me there is no OS, hence install Super SU.

    Please can anyone help me? phone goes to Recovery Mode only

      1. Mcmorgan

        Thanks for reply. I just ordered OTG cable.

        Just to confirm if I need to install Super SU again? and how do i get back original ROM that came with the phone?
        Thanks Max

  29. vovanatb

    @ Savio Dantes
    Thanks again, I did everything you told me, and it works! I’m testing it right now! Location services also works, as of now I have no issues, everything works! Wifi, Bluetooth etc

  30. Paul Antill

    Managed to fix it up using sideload. Thanks for all the help. Only concern so far with this rom is perhaps the GPS being laggy. Does anyone else find navigating through apps now difficult due to the lack of a menu button? Chrome and other apps now have no way to access their settings. Is there a workaround or is this expected? Am I the only one facing this issue. Other than that flawless. Thankyou very much!

  31. Cody Sayer

    So if I install this, will I be shunted onto the Play Ed. update track, or will I have to keep finding ROMs with the latest version?

  32. Timothy

    I unlocked my Sprint HTC One.. should this rom work on it since its an Unlocked Sprint HTC One. if not then i’ve been trying to install it for no reason..

  33. Irán Matías

    So, I’m do all the steps accordingly yet every time I install the first zip file is gives me an error saying it can find index etc. I downloaded over and over yet still says the same. Am I doing something wrong?

  34. Irán

    HELP, HELP, HELP, Gentlemen, Try everything but still receive an error everytime I try to load the rom. It says “Warning: No file_contextsset_metadata-recursive: some changes failed”. What are my options to install this ROM?

  35. vovanatb

    that’s fine, it should work like that, I’m using it for 3 days, camera app sucks, it looks kind of like wish eye effect, no pause button, when recording video, SopCast crashes, other than that its fine

  36. Iran

    The file is 170mb,so it should be complete. I downloaded from both my phone and computer and still does the same. Am I doing something wrong I had never had any issues with a rom until now. I am currently running HTC One 4.3 Rom, could that be the issue? HELP!!! Really want to try this rom. I’ve been using my Moto X and I love the platform it runs. Want to see if this rom mimics the performance.

  37. coleman

    wifi doesnt work. aslo, i have the lastest gapps but it wants me to update which i do know how i would do without reflashing. but more importantly how do i get wifi to work. just says “failed to connect” almost instantly after entering password.

  38. barry

    Pretty happy all in all but 2 issues on the ROM
    1. I Selected 3g preferred in Network Mode and i have no option to get back to 4G.
    2. Bluetooth call quality in car is pretty bad. tried a new connection. no diferrence.
    any ideas

  39. barry

    Pretty happy all in all but 2 issues on the ROM
    1. I Selected 3g preferred in Network Mode and i have no option to get back to 4G.
    2. Bluetooth call quality in car is pretty bad. tried a new connection. no diferrence.
    any ideas
    3. Exchange mail not working properly… waiting to sync ……. still waiting to sync

    i appreciate the tease …. really nice to look at but 4.4 with basic limitations

  40. nora

    I followed directions, got status 7 error message and now am stuck on HTC quietly brilliant screen. I am unable to get into recovery by pressing power and volume down screen.

    On HTC one T-Mobile with latest CWM version

  41. nora

    digging around I found out that it may take 10-15 min to reload after dalvik, wipe, etc. I waiting for 20 minutes but nothing changed.

    I did find out that placing phone under bright light for 15-20 sec allowed me to get out of screen and reboot back into recovery when I could not before. Now recovered.

    BRIGHT LIGHT? Amazing?

  42. Darlene

    So everything went smoothly with the install. BUT i want to transfer some info from my computer to my phone and the computer doesn’t recognize the phone anymore. Anyone know what drivers would work with the phone running 4.4?? Thanks

  43. Jack

    Hey is anyone having issues with NFC?? I installed this Rom and it works great! I just was trying to use NFC and was having issues, any ideas why that is? NFC is enabled so that’s not the issue. Any help would be appreciated.

  44. abhishek

    OK.. Nice ROM max .. Few shortcomings..
    First.. Sound quality even after viper..ehh not as good as boom sound.. camera.. That stretched look .. Without flash .. No video pause..
    The back key and home key light doesn’t illuminate..
    I’m starting to hear, very faint, beeps . ..random beeps ..
    Yes.. For now that’s bout it .. Rest is pretty cool.. Oh and Google now cards are missing too .. Lemme know if any of these can be fixed .. Thanks ..cheers ..

  45. Fayçal

    Pour moi ça a marché comme sur des roulettes, j’ai déverrouillé mon HTC ensuite installer TWRP ensuite rooter ensuite S OFF.
    J’ai démarré en mode recouvery et flasher le zip et hop au demarrage il telecharge le mise a jour 4.4.2
    Tout vas tres bien merci

  46. Ben Spaulding

    When i get to the command prompt i enter in the “cd” then the folder name and it says the system cannot find the desired path or somthing and it just gives the User thing again just lime when you open tbe prompt, and i triplechecked the folder name and checked the folder and it shows all the sdk and other stuff is all there why wont it work

  47. Ben Spaulding

    I finished all the setup but when I go to click the super SU app it says “there is no SU binary installed, and SuperSU cannot install it. This is a problem!”
    Help!!!! What do I do to get the SU bianary!

  48. noberg

    Il arrive souvent que le pilote adb ne fonctionne pas bien avec Windows 7 et votre téléphone n’est pas reconnu, en invité de commande “C:\” Si vous avez un Wait for Device, faite un clic droit souris sur le fichier adb.exe et exécuter en tant qu’administrateur.

    Nordine Ben Rezig

  49. Phi

    Hi there, for some reason superuser zip didn’t show up in CWM during the installation and now i can’t seem to install superuser to grant access to root anymore. Any thought of how i can install superuser using cwm?

    1. Savio

      Download the latest (SU) version, reboot into recovery, then flash the zip file.

      You could also simply head into the Google Play Store and search “SU”. From there simply choose the app and download. Once installed, find it within your Apps list, and open it. It may ask you to reboot after verifying and/or updating binaries as well.

      If this doesn’t work, simply re-flash the ROM in addition the file you downloaded.
      Let us know if this helped.

      and as always, thanks again Max for your insight and resources, a lot of us would be lost without you!

  50. ashun

    for some reason i ended up with no IMEI, NO BASEBAND NO NETWORK. Please help! I have an HTC ONE on Bell carrier. S Off, unlocked bootloader

  51. Kristian Kirilov

    Camera does not work. I have tested it with google play apps default camera application but i receive – can’t start the camera. Any suggestion?



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