How to Backup/Restore ROM on HTC One!

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For those of you who’ve rooted your HTC One, did you make a backup ROM yet?

Backing up a ROM will backup everything on your phone including your settings, apps, app data, kernel, and the whole ROM.  It will not backup your personal photos or videos stored in your internal storage but it will backup everything else.

This can be handy later down the road your HTC One malfunctions.  For example, if your phone stops booting for some reason (due to bad custom ROMs or apps), you can easily restore your phone to a previous state by restoring your ROM.

If you “still” haven’t made a backup ROM, I highly suggest you to follow this tutorial to make a backup ROM.

Step 1. Make sure “Fast boot” is checked OFF under Settings->Power.


Step 2. Power off your HTC One.  Then hold down Volume Down and Power buttons together for about 3 seconds to enter bootloader menu.howto-backup-restore-rom-htc-one-2

Step 3. Choose “RECOVERY” using Volume Down key then hit Power button to enter TWRP recovery.


Step 4. Once inside TWRP recovery, you can easily choose “Backup” or “Restore” to backup or restore ROM, it’s that simple.


Step 5. If you are backing up ROM, make sure “Boot”, “Data”, and “System” are checked and swipe to start backup.  Backup process should take about 5-10 minutes or longer depending on how many apps you’ve installed on your phone.

Backups are usually large between 1-5GB depending on how many apps you’ve installed.  They are stored in your internal storage under TWRP/BACKUP directory.  You can easily save space by moving these files to your computer and move them back to the same location when you need to restore your phone.


Step 6. When restoring ROM, you will find your backups organized by folders.  You can name your folders while backing up otherwise they will be stored with the timestamp of the time you backed them up.


This is one of the most crucial yet simple things to do on your HTC One.  It’s HIGHLY RECOMMENDED you make at least one backup ROM after rooting your phone.  If you have not yet made a backup ROM, please do ASAP!

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18 thoughts on “How to Backup/Restore ROM on HTC One!

    1. admin Post author

      AOSP ROMs may place all of your files under /0 directory, your backups are still there look under /0 directory. You may have to move it back to root directory so TWRP can recognize it.

          1. Nader Abdalla

            I have the same problem i cant find my backup after i installed trickdroid and wi wanna get back my stock rom which i backedup !! help plz Max !!

      1. Miron Raz

        Hello Max,

        I have HTC One Dev edition, I’ve used your guidelines successfully to root the device. (thanks!!)
        BUT….)-; i did a big big mistake while installed my first costume ROM and made on “advanced wipe” ‘FORMAT’ system, now my device is only an hardware with nothing on it including the OS, i’m able to go into recovery and see the TWRP but nothing to install and the PC cannot recognize it even i have all driver installed.
        Any idea how to help me?
        Thanks in advance.


  1. Ricco

    Hi max,

    I used your guide on how to root the “HTC One” to use a mobile security application (worked great!).

    I was on andriod 4.1 and now the 4.2 update is out, now i need to unroot to install the update.

    Thanks for the great vids.


  2. Ryan

    Hi, I followed the directions right through, but when i transferred the backup file to my Mac, it shows that there is 0 bytes in the file. What the dilly…..yo?

  3. kkillz

    I had a backup yesterday on my phone but now I cant find it?? I went from 4.1 to 4.3 play edition. Ive looked through all the folders plz assist.

    1. Emmett

      see if you can navigate through the device itself as opposed to just the sdcard which has a lot of emulated folders that may not show hidden content.

      using es explorer, enable ‘show hidden folders’ and browse to your device. it may be viewed as a backslash ‘/’.

      check data> media>and then either /0 or TWRP in that directory. if you cannot find it in this directory, try using the newest version of ROM Manager to see if this app can locate the backup on its own (it will search common folders for it). then navigate to the folder and move it to the correct TWRP backup folder. in order to find out which folder to move your newly located backup to (so TWRP can recognize it), you may need to create a second backup with your current 4.3 version to place the old backup in the same folder as the new one.

      it’s somewhere in there, you just need to find it. I struggled with finding the file for 3 days and my phone was all wacky, but with persistence I finally was able to get TWRP to recognize the files. I ended up finding them, but I then struggled to find the right TWRP backup directory to place the files in as some are emulated and some are not.

      use ES File explorer and enable “show hidden folders”
      navigate through your device to locate the TWRP backups. device>data>media> /0 or TWRP… etc.
      once the backup fodler is found, you’ll need to move it to the correct directory that TWRP will recognize it in.
      in order to find out which folder TWRP now uses (snce installing your new ROM) try making a secondary backup just to find which folder it gets placed in.
      move your original backup to the same folder as the new one. TWRP should now recognize it.

  4. szabby

    Can you please make a tutorial on how transfer the Backup once updated to 4.3?

    I updated my HTC One to 4.3 following your site, but It seems apps and PC cannot see the backup file anymore once updated to 4.3. I wa son 4.1.2 previously and could see the transfer the backup to my PC fine.

    I would really appreciate this.

  5. muhajir

    hey i rooted my phone and istalled twrp recovery manager but
    it got problem whenever i boot my phone into recovery the twrp recovery manager doest work it actually goes into twrp manager bt the twrp manager is not working i mean when i touch backup or restore it doesnt give response
    and when i checked whether its rooted or not it says not rooted
    please help me to make it htc sense rom
    please message me at my email

  6. savio araujo

    I have rooted my HTC One (international) from 4.2.2 and installed the GPE ROM with a ROM of the Original Sense 5 Backed up on the sdcard.
    I have the following problems:

    1) every time i switch between ROMs (dont ask why) I see a “Other Storage” increase by 1.4 GB (it is now a total of 12.4 GB on :”Other Storage”). I think its some dump files that are copied or re-created during each ROM install.
    I need a way to free up this “Other Storage” space. (FYI this space was originally 6GB before I did any rooting and roming and after a factory reset)

    2) How to replace or re-install a custom recovery ?

    Thank you in advance Max.

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  8. Denison

    I have an HTC one m8 but s-on
    So if I delete my system but have a custom Rom in my sd card
    can I still flash that to have it up and running
    Because I’ve tried to download Android RevolutionHD and
    it won’t boot, thanks.


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