Best HTC One ROMs

This is a page dedicated to listing the best HTC One custom ROMs.  Please remember, this list is intended for those of you who are new to custom ROMs and want to find the best HTC One ROMs that’s going to have zero bugs and get you jump-started.  There is no such thing as “best” ROMs in reality, I only made this list to help noobs out there, thanks.

*Note – This list is continuously being updated, so please check back!  Last updated – May 16th 2014.

Best HTC One Sense ROMs

ViperOne ROM – Available for both M7 & M8, this is one of the best HTC One Sense ROMs out there that offers amazing performance, battery life, and incredible customization of your UI through its Venom Tweaks app.



Don’t know what AOSP is?  See What is AOSP? first!

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HTC One Reference
You will need a rooted HTC One to install all ROM/kernels.

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15 thoughts on “Best HTC One ROMs

  1. Rohan

    I have htc one m7 ( EE/Orange ) does that fall under International Version ?
    coz i wanna install Android Revolution HD 71.1 ROM on my HTC One m7! Just not sure if it is compatible!

  2. Marco Dean

    I have a HTC one phone and I’m in love with my phone. The problem is that I’ve moved from up North to the South. Sprint is worthless here so I’m trying to flash my HTC so that i can go to at&t. Can you help?

    1. NojoRu

      You can’t use a Sprint phone on AT&T’s network. Sprint runs on PCS and does not use SIM cards (PCS is not GSM). AT&T uses GSM phones that require SIM cards.

    2. admin Post author

      Sprint phones can be unlocked for use outside the U.S., even if you unlocked it, it wouldn’t work on AT&T or T-Mobile.

  3. Andu

    As I have used many xperia, samsung phones before I got HTC One(M7) the best rom for me is still Slimrom (currently SlimKAT 4.4.4) with doc3000’s Sound Explosion Mod. Compared to ViperOne, SlimKAT is 144MB + ~50MB minimal gapps while viperOne is 1,3 GB. Ok ok, Viper has all options to remove stuff before installing, while Slim has the option in Settings menu to remove any app after rom install. (there’s about 16 apps total on clean insall :D) so it is very slim. and has the PIE too if wondering… 🙂

  4. MediaDriven

    I would like to suggest you review both OSE rom as well as Dirty Unicorns. I have played around with both and I am sure users would benefit from learning about both roms. They both are solid and reliable daily drivers. As an aside I just moved to liquidsmooth from CodefireX which I found to be rock solid but I was in need of a change. I found your review of liquidsmooth to be most helpful in discovering tweaks that make it a more pleasant experience.

    Thank you

  5. KS

    Can you please share how to put a ROM on HTC One S? Not able to find any article on that. I want to use the latest Sense ROM for my HTC One S. Thanks.

  6. mangesh ninawe

    Hello everyone I m using HTC one m7 in India my phone comes in which category means international or unlock or any else …???

  7. Leprechaun

    Hi Max,
    I have two HTC One M8′s both Rooted. I only root for the added control features and as such, run only stock ROM’s.
    Could/Would you Please show how to get OTA updates on the One M8 rooted. I’m sure that if there is a way, you know it or can find out.

  8. Pavel Spata

    Hello, I have HTC one M7 DulaSIm version. Now I would like to ROOT my M7 DualSim, but I am not sure if all process are same and all needed application, programs and ROM are same for version DualSim and Single sim mobile phone.
    Because I never time seen video, proces how root Dual sim version, which ROM is for this version compatible, e.t.c …

    Could you please somebody help me and tell me if I can ROOT my phone without problem when my phone is HTC ONE M7 DualSIm?

    Thank you verzymuch

  9. Jason

    I have the M8, and i’m not that tech savvy, but i can follow instructions. I love my phone to bits, so the thought of rooting and installing a rom was a bit of a worry. Any how, I managed to root by following instructions, I was so excited playing with a few buttons I wiped my OS off the phone, so after panic and stress, I downloaded a new OS on card, and installed like that. “i didn’t know it was as easy as it was”
    I installed Venom, I am 43 and still get excited when i get something new. i have to say the overall massive difference for my phone is battery life. and the best way to describe it is by suggesting, its like buying a new 4000mh battery. I am really am surprised.
    The tweaks are just fab, so many its unreal, it took me a few time to get it right, as i found one setting may just not work right with another, although now I have got my phone set up and its sound.
    I installed LMT and that has changed the way I use the phone, the fan pops out instant access to what ever i choose its amazing. a real must have
    i donated some cash, as i think its very important to donate some cash to the individuals who you are letting you use the software. the Venom for me is spot on. Turned my M8 into a M9 in my opinion.

  10. Maykel

    Hello, I installed viperone on my M8 HK from sprint and it works awesome! however, whenever I listen to music, once the screen goes off, the sounds gets all distorted. it seems to not happen with pandora though, any other music apps does it. and it only happens when the screen locks. once the phone is unlocked, the sound works fine again.


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