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  1. Ryan Love

    Can you make, or are there any plans to make a video tutorial for Unrooting an HTC One on a Mac? There are several videos for unrooting on Windows, but none for unrooting on a Mac. Thanks in advance!

    1. Jon

      I’m on mac also, and it’s always the same thing for rooting android devices: everybody uses PC. I use a virtualization software such as parallels, which enables me to install windows and to run safely all the softwares. it’s really easy and you’ll be able to stick to the videos online.
      I’ve rooted my HTC One with Max’s video and a glimpse at Rumrunner’s website
      Good luck

  2. Fahad Dasti

    Max can you make a video on how to get S-off on HTC One and also is there a way to extract stock rom RUU from the phone just in case of soft brick…

      1. Salil J

        I think what he means is – how to have an international android on the HTC instead of the AT&T one. So that we get updates directly from HTC and not AT&T. That would be helpful. This is my first android and I really don’t want updates from AT&T (I don’t get em anyways since I am in India). Could you please help out?

  3. szabby


    I would like to thank you for showing me how to update my HTC One to 4.3. I had been putting it off for ages as I found the whole process daunting but your site gave me confidence with your tutorials.

    Could you please do a tutorial on how to backup ROMs to PC once a HTC One is updated to 4.3?

    As i have noticed apps and my PC can no longer see where the backup files are held. They appear to be in system files hidden away somewhere now.

    Thank you

  4. Amit Peled

    Just to say that this website is 100% awesome.
    Your articles are very accurate and professional, at the same time clear and easy to follow.
    Absolutely great job.

  5. SAM

    Hi. Please help me. i have HTC One i restart my phone and after restart phone dont open. Black screen. plug in pc writi this “Qualcomm HS-USB QDLoader 9008 HTC One” . How can i open my phone ? Help me please. Thanks

  6. Daniel

    I am an English teacher in China and I was using my Desire HD. I bought a HTC One and followed your how-to-root video (using SuperSU 1.75 and the default folder provided in the how-to-root.) I then followed this guide and now I have a perfectly updated and Western HTC One in China.
    Sry, but Chinese ROMs are not good.
    Thank you very much for guide, files and videos.

  7. joakim

    f .. f … f … I was supose to do a full wipe in TWRP and happened to x every box! Was not thinking clearly! because I have not slept in a while and happen to purge the entire mobile! So now it’s completely clean, not a single backup is left! is my mobile brickad now or is there some way to get into it and put a new rom on it or?

    PLEASE help how the hell could I be so stupid

  8. Mark

    Can you help me. I have a HTC One android version 4.3. I have unlocked it and fould like to root it now but can’t find the develpers option in de settings menu just below the date and time. I need to turn de USB on and the usb debugging is on to go to the next stap of the instructions. If I try to make a backup now from de dosbox I get a error. “unable to connect for backup”
    So how do I go in to the develpers menu if I don’t see it?

  9. Billy

    I would love to see a Sense 6.0 rom review for the HTC One with Android 4.4.2 or higher if its released. Thanks.

  10. malvin

    I have viperonem8 on my htc. How do I find the original firmware and how do I get it back on my htc? or do I just need to unroote?

  11. siddharth

    Hey I’m new at rooting and all so help would b much appreciated .. I hav read that u hav to flash a kernel(donno Wat dat means ) to get d knock to wake feature which is available in HTC one m8 .. so how do v do dat and which kernel to flash .. and another doubt is about the battery life wid venomone Rom .. is it better or atleast equal to d stock Rom ? ? Thanx !!

  12. craig robinson

    Hi max I have been trying to root my htcOne (old version) and cannot find any link to download the adb backup file or the htcone root exe. 1.0.001.exe or something. Your videos are great but do not give any access to the required files to do the task.

  13. michael

    Hello, I have tried to root my HTC M8 using the method posted on this website. All good until I copy/ paste a token on HTCdev website but never receive email with the link to complete the process. I have tried numerous emails and nothing seems to work. Please help.


  14. Paul S

    Hi Max,

    So I love your site and have been using your awesome guides since my gnex days and I need your help again. So I recently purchased the htc one m7, rooted with your guide, and have now decided it’s time to sell it and return it to stock. My problem is that I have scoured the web high and low and am REALLY confused as to how to revert to stock everything. All the guides I have found either have dead links or lead me in a circle.

    So far I have relocked the device and unrooted. But I am still left with a custom recovery and the “tampered” flags in the bootloader… No luck removing those thus far.

    I was wondering if there would be an possibility of you doing a full unroot/revert to stock recovery video. I know you had one back in my gnex and n4 days and I could really use one for my m7. This thing isn’t as straight forward as a nexus device.

    Thank you Max

  15. Babak Kardan

    Hello, would you know of a ROM which enables usb connectivity through ethernet/LAN to the web?
    Thank you,

  16. Abdul Wajid khan

    Hi Me Max.

    I would be thankful to u if u help me in rooting n installing android 4.3 or Google play edition in my htc one S
    It will be very helpful to me as I’m using it for 3 years, my friend did something new he says it S-off but on bootloader it says like this.
    ABOOT- 2.15.0000

    AND SO ON plz let me know how to root n install other OS,
    I’m having little knowledge about computer if u help me in will do it

  17. Tanya


    Hi my name is Tanya and I work in the field of online marketing. I came across your website htconeroot.com and think it’s great.

    The reason for my email is with regards a promotion of one of my clients. He has great products which we feel would be very well received by people visiting your blog.

    It would be great if you could give me your price for writing a product review with a dofollow link. Do you accept this kind of advertising?

    Any answer would be appreciated. Thank you.

    I wish you an amazing day.


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